Cute and Adorable Halloween Costumes for Toddlers


Are you excited to turn your bundle of joy a cute Halloween costume for toddlers? She might not care about her outfit but of course you do. Dress your toddlers in clothes that are even too adorable for words. Everybody will never stop cooing.

You will surely have some cute pictures to show her when she grows up. If she’s into scary characters, we have a wide variety of them as well.


Wonder Woman Dress Halloween Costume for Toddlers

top-halloween-costumes-for-toddlers-1In just a quick change of her clothes, your little one will transform into one of the Halloween costumes for toddlers – Wonder Woman. She’ll be extremely brave enough to protect the people, flying around to save the world and will be back just in time for her nap.


Queen Amidala Toddler Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-toddlers-1Even the tiniest people in the world can be big Star Wars fans. This Queen Amidala attire is perfect for your little tot to wear her favorite character.


Little Alice in Wonderland Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-toddlers-1Your little Alice is ready for a tea party. Make an entrance with your little lady in this Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume. Everybody would probably want make her the talk at any gathering. Don’t worry about the Queen of Hearts when she makes an appearance because Alice would still be the center of attention.


Little Rag Doll Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-toddlers-1Your little baby can be cute as she can be looking like her favorite stuffed doll that’s inside her playroom. With this rag doll Halloween costume for toddlers and babies, she can also be the perfect host for a doll’s tea party.


Snow Monster Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-toddlers-1This cute abominable snowman costume will make your little one become the most beloved yeti ever. The plush fur body won’t stop people from embracing her.


Princess Anna Frozen Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-toddlers-1Save the Snow Queen with this lovely Anna costume. This is what she wore on her journey to get back her sister Elsa. The dress is simply perfect for Halloween and Disney-themed parties.


Lovely Little Lamb Infant/Toddler Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-toddlers-1This vintage-inspired sheep getup is a delight ensemble not only for Halloween, but for costume parties and photo shoots as well.


Teddy Bear Toddler Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-toddlers-1A cuddly and soft stuffed animal Teddy Bear costume for your tot which will leave her looking like a plush doll. People won’t get enough of hugging her. Not only that, the wardrobe will also keep her nice and warm.


Hocus Pocus Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-toddlers-1She can magically turn one candy into a lot of candy thanks to her go-to spell. The wand will do the flicking then check her basket full of her favorite candies and chocolates.


Princess Leia Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-toddlers-1Complete with the buns and all, make your little girl the princess of the galaxy. Give her an early start on her love for the sci-fi film Star Wars.


Mummy Costume

top-halloween-costumes-for-toddlers-1Maybe she wants to go as a scary character. Here’s a mummy attire that will make her look like she has just returned from the depths of the tombs. Whether she’s going to join a group or mummy’s or just alone, this fun costume is sure to be a hit for the parties.


Which cute and adorable costume are you dressing your little girl in?


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