Corporate Outfit Ideas with Maxi Dresses

Tired of wearing your professional suits to work?

Maxi dress is a great alternative to wear to the office. It keeps you covered but still feels so light and airy.

Being professional isn’t just by wearing corporate attires. You can wear a maxi dress to the office and continue to look polished, conservative and good looking all together.

Since it’s never appropriate to wear strapless maxi dresses or spaghetti-strapped maxi dresses, you can dress it up with an outerwear to give you a more formal and professional look.

Pair it with a blazer

corporate outfits with maxi dresses 1

Wearing a cropped blazer can balance the length of your maxi skirt. Make sure to find a blazer that fits you perfectly.

corporate outfits with maxi dresses 2

You can wear a one-color maxi dress and pair it with a three-quarter or long-sleeved blazer. For example, your dress is black, you can wear your blazer in pastels or any bright color.

If you wear maxi dresses with prints and other motifs, black or white blazers are better choices.

Playing with prints

corporate outfits with maxi dresses 3

Don’t be afraid to play with prints. It can be subtle, if you work in a more conservative environment and loud like bold prints if you work in an artistic environment.

corporate outfits with maxi dresses 4

Of course you can mix horizontal stripes and vertical stripes together in your ensemble. Just make sure to choose which one would be the dress because not everyone would look good in stripes.

corporate outfits with maxi dresses 5

Did you know that you can wear a collared shirt with your maxi dress to give it a more corporate look? Tuck the shirt in for a clean look.

Wrap dresses can be worn from day to night. So if you’re heading out for dinner with your colleagues after work, just take off the blazer and you have an instant upgrade.

corporate outfits with maxi dresses 6

You can wear a wrap maxi dress with a fitted leather jacket or blazer to the office. Wear your favorite heels and if you opt for a bolero, you could wear flat shoes or slightly-heeled shoes.

Streamlined maxi dresses could give your entire outfit a more polished appearance.

corporate outfits with maxi dresses 7

With minimal fuss, all you need is a pair of shoes, earrings and bracelet. Long maxi wrap dresses are very office-appropriate and flattering.

Belts can accentuate your waist and give a more formal impression.

corporate outfits with maxi dresses 9

Just make sure to wear that matches both your maxi dress and blazer.

corporate outfits with maxi dresses 9

You can also wear the belt outside the blazer to show off your body’s shape.

We are nearing winter and the days are just getting colder and colder.

corporate outfits with maxi dresses 10

Add a cozy sweater to your maxi dress. Get creative by wearing some jewelry. Some companies are conservative, so instead of going crazy, wear staple pieces like a vintage watch and bracelets.

Just because you’re wearing a maxi dress and its common pair of shoes are wedges or sandals, doesn’t mean you will wear them too. Since you’re in a corporate environment, it’s important that you wear at least high heels, flats or slightly-heeled shoes.

Maxi dress is not very common to wear to the office. But if you chose the right accessories, shoes and outerwear to go with your maxi dress, it will totally look fitting to your work environment.

Showing too much skin is never 9 to 5 appropriate.