8 Fashionable Business Outfits to Make You Look Sexy and Powerful

Some women have a hard time choosing a great outfit every morning to wear to work. The perfect office attire should always look smart, feel comfortable, elicit admiration and respect, and mix a casual touch with a formal one to stay in the trends.

If you checked out already a few Polyvore-inspired outfits for girls, then you know that finding the best combinations is not that hard. For all ladies out there who want to look fashionably sexy and powerful at work, here are8 perfect business outfits to get inspired from:

Black and White

This is a timeless look, no matter if you pick a dress, a shirt combined with a skirt or jeans and jacket.

black and white

Pic: This is an amazing look sporting a see through white shirt tucked in a pair of black skinnies and paired with black kitten heels. The aviator sunglasses and the statement metallic finished clutch compliment this rather formal attire.

Lace and Leather

If you don’t know what would be the best attire for your job, remember that a slim fit mini lace skirt and a quilted leather clutch can go anywhere, from your morning staff meeting to your late night dinner.

lace and leather

Pic: The slim fit creamy lace dress goes great with the black jacket, the statement necklace and the quilted clutch, in a combo that looks both sexy and powerful.

White and Blue

White states that summer is here and you are allowed to feel carefree and sexy. Blue slows down the pace while giving your look a more formal touch.

white and blue

Pic: The midi white chiffon dress pairs up greatly with the blue summer jacket. The black/white leopard print heels and the black oversized office purse add the exact amount of accent your office attire needs.

Pencil Skirt and Heels

No matter what color combinations you prefer, a pencil skirt paired with heels is going to always make you look sexy, powerful and trendy – the key concepts of the perfect outfit for your job.

pencil skirt and heels

Pic: The navy blue pencil skirt makes a gorgeous contrast with the red open-toe ankle strapped high heels in dark red and the lightweight slim fit blouse. The (almost) nude handbag is both practical and elegant.

Stripes are Sexy

A simple striped shirt and a pencil skirt in a similar color can make you look sharp, neat, professional and seductive, especially if you choose neutral colors like white and gray.


Pic: The deep-cut neck blouse with rolled up sleeves and accentuated waist line in white-gray stripes goes great with the gray pencil skirt and the metallic hue of your hi-tech office devices or your wrist watch. The black frames can act as a focal point as well.

The Eternal Cardigan

You can always compliment any outfit with a timeless cardigan in a classic butter cream color, fully accessorized with a scarf and a matching blouse.


Pic: This seemingly oversized cardigan gives you a Jackie O type of elegance, especially if you pair it with a head scarf in silk that matches your silver heavy statement bracelet adorned with pearls. The pastel shirt in a luxurious fabric is perfectly tucked in a black pencil skirt with an accent belt buckle. The burgundy lipstick finishes the outfit in high style.

The Little Red Dress

The second best little office dress, after the black one, is definitely the red one. In a classic cut, sporting short or long sleeves and adorned with accent pieces and accessories, the little red dress is one powerful statement of attitude, female charms, power and seduction.

red dress

Pic: This tailor-fit red dress goes great with the black statement necklace, the black open-toe heels and the glass frames. Simple and elegant, this knee long dress in a comfortable fabric and a formal design enhances your natural beauty, being adaptable to a more casual styling as well.

The Taylor Swift

You can pull a feminine, yet casually formal Taylor Swift look for a relaxed day at the office without wearing heels, but sneakers instead.

taylor swift

Pic: The buttoned-up shirt in a pastel hue is a perfect companion to skinny jeans and a pair of red snickers for a cute, sexy look. The matching sunglasses and messenger bag in brown/orange make the piece of résistance of this outfit.

These are but a few sexy and powerful office outfits you can try this season. What is your favorite casual/formal business combo?