5 Beach Outfits to Wear with Denim Shorts

beach outfit with denim shortsGo for this hipster-styled beach wear look by sporting some cut denim shorts and an oversized sweater. Great for chilly beach weather where you want to enjoy the beach scenery but still dress for the wind and cold.

beach outfit with shorts 2Go for a preppy beach wear look by wearing a classy sunhat, a pair of denim shorts, sandals, a flowing blouse, and a yellow tote bag. Top it all off with sunglasses and you’ll be looking cute!

beach outfit with shorts 3A preppy beach style look, this model sports denim sorts, a woman’s blue dress shirt button halfway, a watch, sunhat, sunglasses, white flats, and a dark green/brown tote bag. Use a black or white cami for control and top it off with a necklace or accessory. A cute outfit idea.

beach outfit idea 2Another cute beach outfit idea to wear with a pair of white denim shorts with colored pockets and a pink half sweater. Go crazy with necklaces and accessories!

beach outfit idea with shortsA cute outfit idea to wear at the beach, this model sports a pair of denim shorts and a blue off the shoulder sweater. Top it off with some accessories and some sandals.

Which one of these are your favorite?