Women’s Guide to Smart Suits for Work

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It’s so tricky to wear a great suit – whether it’s for a job interview where you want to make a good impression or perhaps for work, where the dress code requires you to wear smart suits.

And perhaps you shouldn’t really care about what you need to wear because the interviewer or your boss is more interested in your brain and not your fashion sense. They’re more interested in your resume and your words should speak louder than your clothes.


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What color to get – most people will choose the traditional navy suit or a dark charcoal one. But if your office doesn’t really require you to wear formal suits, you can get away with color-popping ones without risking your job. When going for an interview, go with a gray suit.


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What to wear under the suit – short sleeves, long sleeves made of silk instead of camisole or shell fabric. A safe way to play with prints is by going with a solid color that will flatter your skin tone.


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While a white blouse with a black suit is alright, sometimes it can give a kind of waiter or hired killer vibe. So make sure you add some finishing touches to your look so you would still look you but smarter and more professional.


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What shoes to wear – you can wear black leather comfortable high heels. Choose a pair that’s closed-toe because open shoes aren’t appropriate to wear to work at all.


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What bag to carry – Choose a nice bag that’s big enough to hold a folder with copies of resume or other documents for work in it. It really doesn’t need to be leather. You can choose nylon, if you prefer. But it should be nondescript like a black tote bag.


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What jewelry to wear – think conservative. Your earrings should be minimal because wearing dangling ones will just distract the interviewer. You should wear a watch so you don’t need to check your phone for the time every so often and maybe a simple high quality pearl necklace. For work, you can totally get away with a chunky statement necklace.


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Skirt or pantsuit – when we’re speaking of conservativeness, a skirt suit is the answer. That means, you also have to wear a pantyhose. Some people in the business world take skirt suits pretty seriously as a sign of respect. Please avoid miniskirts at all cost.


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Is pantyhose really needed? – Bare legs isn’t advisable. Choose nude color pantyhose for interviews and for work, you can get away with tights.


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Separates or set? – It really depends on you. Sometimes separates are okay so you can mix and match and sometimes having different cuts for jackets are needed.


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Before purchasing your suit, make sure to open any vents that are sewn shut. Maintain your suit by having it dry cleaned very often. You need to dry clean all of the pieces together so they wear the same.