What to Wear in the Snow: 13 Cute, Warm & Dry Outfit Ideas

When the temperatures start dropping, many of us will choose plain but cozy outfits, scarves and winter shoes. But just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you’ll just give up on your own style.

Be more creative than that and even in the harsh winter cold, you’re going to need a great style. Here are some ideas on outfits to wear in the snow.

1. Waterproof vest


The waterproof vest is an icon of the great outdoors. It continues to be an element of any outdoor wardrobe. Layer your waterproof vest over your hoodie for extra warmth. Finish your look with leggings and winter or rain boots for a stylish lazy day outfit.

2. Beanie cap & Ugg Boots


Beanie caps isn’t just for style- it actually warms your head on the coldest of all cold days. Invest in a number of beanie caps so you’ll have a variety of choices to go with your many winter outfits. Also, when it comes to boots for winter, if you’re opting for comfort and warmth, then go with Uggs.

3. Layer with Sweater and Tights


This combination is practically one of the easiest and most common among so many winter outfits. It’s simple, effortless and simply stylish especially when it’s with a cute sweater.

4. Fabric Winter Coat


During winter, you’re going to need a fabric that will keep you warm from the harsh winter cold. Choose a thick yet lightweight winter coat that’s also trendy and is versatile enough to go with most of your outfits.

5. Peacoat Jacket and Gloves


A peacoat jacket is one outerwear essential you seriously need in your closet. Not only is it a wardrobe classic, it’s also a piece that puts together an entire ensemble. Keep your hands warm in comfy gloves.

6. Waterproof Long Jacket


A waterproof long jacket is a perfect for extremely snowy days which people will surely be expecting in the winter. During days like these, what you need is extra protection. Under your jacket, you can go with a thick sweater, leggings and socks and boots.

7. Fur Vest


Fur vests aren’t only for warmth and protection. They make any outfit statement-making as well. However plain your getup is for the day, the fur vest will surely make you look like you just stepped out of the runway.

8. Parka Jacket with Fur Hoodie


Parka jackets were once worn by men but these days, we’ve seen them on so many women, especially celebrities. This outerwear will keep you cozy as well as fashionable.

9. Umbrella and Scarf


A scarf is an important element that you need in your winter ensembles. Keep a handy umbrella with you to go also.

10. Knee-high Brown Boots


Knee-high brown boots aren’t only popular during spring and summer. Many women are also sporting this versatile footwear on fall and winter.

11. Waterproof Jacket with Snow Boots


Put together a snow-proof getup with a waterproof jacket and snow boots.

12. Scarf with Peacoat Jacket

snow-day-outfit-2-with-jacketA styled scarf over a peacoat outfit looks so put together. Wear yours with denim jeans and your favorite pair of boots.

13. The Whole Snow Outfit: Beanie Cap, Gloves, Scarf, Peacoat Jacket, Leggings, Snow Boots, and Knee-high Socks

snow day outfit

When in doubt, just go with the basics- leggings, peacoat jacket, snow boots, knee-high socks, scarf, gloves and beanie cap. This is the ultimate snow day outfit that you should pull together if you want to put a fashionable outfit.

Brave the bitter temperatures with these stylish outfits to wear in the snow. Boost your everyday style without having to give up your own just because it’s winter.

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