What and What Not to Wear on Your Winter Date – Valentine’s Edition

We could never about the guys – we know sometimes it’s hard to look for an outfit for your date as well. It’s not – in any level – sexy to start shivering during your date. In some places, they would celebrate this Valentine’s Day with winter – extremely cold – weather. Not everyone likes winter because snow leads to rain that leads to – a disgusting wet loon. The issue here is – what kind of outfit should a man wear that’s somehow waterproof, warm, dignified and sexy?

Here’s a survival guide of what and what-not to wear on a winter date, something that will actually help you in the long run since this winter weather isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

winter date outfits for men 4

As a human being, you need to learn to tie your scarf in different ways. You can find various tutorials on how to tie different fabrics and different lengths. But as a grown up, choose a more classic-looking scarf instead of what a kid would like.

winter date outfits for men 10

We absolutely love men in a knitted turtleneck and pea coat. And also, those who know how to color coordinate.

winter date outfits for men 1

Opt for a classic hat like fedoras, basic ski caps and bowler hats instead of ear muffs, ear warmers or anything that your granny made.

winter date outfits for men 8

Invest in a good wool coat, a heavy nylon jacket, an easy-to-style rain coat and some gloves.

winter date outfits for men 6

When the ladies can’t even wear UGG boots on dates, you shouldn’t as well. It’s such a feminine footwear and who would want to be caught dead on those outside the house? Want comfortable footwear? Go for sorel boots.

winter date outfits for men 3

Vests are the ultimate layering piece. You can wear it with a normal sweater and look like you’ve came out of a magazine. It also makes you covered from limbs to the core. So sturdy vests + knits = love!

winter date outfits for men 5

A “puffy” or puffer jacket is a down jacket stuffed with synthetic fibers. They’re super comfortable and will give you that extreme warmth and comfort. Aside from the leather jacket, a puffer jacket is a must-have for winter as well.

winter date outfits for men 2

Instead of a faux leather jacket, choose the real and authentic one instead. Yes, we know it’s VERY expensive to wear just to get it wet and beaten, but they’re actually given the ability to take it (with proper maintenance, don’t forget). You can use water-repellent sprays for your leather goods which will help in preventing damage and moisture. So, no to cheap leather.

winter date outfits for men 7

Battle the cold with layering. Pick pieces that are fitted and constructed from modern lightweight fabrics. Go for cashmere hoodies, tailored top coats and thermal tees.

winter date outfits for men 9

Waxed coat + tweed jacket + waist coat + maroon plaid shirt = winner combo!