Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Have you gotten a wedding invitation but is quite confused about the dress code? There are a few gray areas when it comes to the appropriate wedding guest outfit.

Maybe the dress you thought of wearing is a little short, or it could be the same color as the bridal party is wearing. But still, there are plenty of options.

We have a list of wedding outfit ideas you would want to wear for the special event.

wedding guest outfit ideas 2

Here’s a watercolor dress that you could wear to the wedding. How beautiful is this look? Whichever look works for you, be sure to add finishing touches like a stylish hat or a beautiful hair clip.

wedding guest outfit ideas 10

This long-sleeved dress is perfect for a chilly wedding, giving you extra warmth to combat the cold weather. Choose a radiant color or a dress with fun yet sophisticated prints.

wedding guest outfit ideas 17

Incorporate metallic or sequins into your outfit. It could be a full-on dress or your top or bottom. If you’re wearing it as a bottom, balance your look by wearing simple white blouse.

wedding guest outfit ideas 7

Here’s a classic vintage style that is very easy to create with your own unique statement pieces. You can either style it with either classic or modern accessories. When it comes to the perfect outfit, there’s no option more ideal than timeless elegance. (Wear anything but black.)

wedding guest outfit ideas 6

Change up your entire outfit by opting for a midi skirt. It’s one of the chicest ways to give your wardrobe a break. You can style it with a stunning pair of heels and a tucked in top.

wedding guest outfit ideas 20

Long sleeve maxi dresses with slits and floral prints are very effortless and easy to style. Find a look that complements the general theme of the wedding.

wedding guest outfit ideas 4

Pair your bright maxi skirt with a simple white top perfect for an outdoor wedding.

wedding guest outfit ideas 21

Ditch the dress for a royal blue jumpsuit. Wearing this will allow you to party all night while looking your most stunning self. Pair this one-piece wonder with either nude pointed-toed pumps to give an illusion of longer legs or a sexy pair of glittery stilettos.

wedding guest outfit ideas 16

A wedding in the city is the perfect chance to go all out and dress to impress with these beautiful mixed patterns. Super attractive and tailored designs accessorize with statement pieces.

wedding guest outfit ideas 12

Country meets vintage with this dress. Wear something like this when you’re invited to a wedding that is being held on the countryside.

wedding guest outfit ideas 9

A relative of the bride or groom? Pretty and traditional – you’re look should rise to the occasion with a fashionable statement outfit.

wedding guest outfit ideas 1

Another beautiful watercolor dress. Weddings are some of the events that allow you to wear long watercolor dresses like this one. It’s exquisite and lovely.

A couple of things to remember

* Don’t wear skimpy clothes. Now’s not the time to show off your assets because for sure, you’d take all the attention away from the bride.

* Don’t wear jeans and a shirt to a wedding no matter how laid-back they said the wedding could be. Show some respect to the couple.

* Elephant pants aren’t really wedding-appropriate. If you’re heading for a night out and not a wedding, then go for it.

* Don’t wear a tiara. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s not your day. It’s the bride’s.

* Recycling your prom dress from high school? What you wore to prom years ago isn’t exactly ladylike. A pink or champagne colored dress with petticoats and all that could make you look like a bride.

* Unless you’re attending a wedding in the UK or when the wedding invitation requires you to, don’t wear an obnoxious hat.

* Don’t wear an annoying dress, shoes, eye shadow or anything loud or ornament-looking because it’s just one surefire way of wedding-crashing to upstage the bride.

*Don’t wear a full-on white dress. A simple white top or a white bottom should be fine. But a long white dress? Noooooo. Just don’t.