Wearable Trends for 2015 Fall and Winter

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Here are some OMG outfits we believe to be needed on our wardrobe for this year’s fall and winter as seen on fashion runways. From office attires, to the bar and everywhere in between, scroll down below to check what made it to our list of fall and winter’s wearable fashion trends for 2015.

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It was seen on the runway that models were sporting a full-on wool outfit. it is going to be a prominent trend for the season and it will most likely look good in neutral tones. Stella McCartney

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Puffer coats can make your look a topper. Choose bold colors with interesting cuts, textures and many add-ons. It’s the perfect must-have for your winter wardrobe. Chanel

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Well, we couldn’t miss this eye-catching and eccentric-looking fur which was reinterpreted by a couple of designers like Versace, Alexander McQueen, Fendi and Roberto Cavali. It’s a winter classic. It’s something you need in your closet just so if you feel like you’re getting winter blues, this fur coat will instantly make you feel better. Fendi

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Retro looks are in-style for the season. Choose bright and striking colors and mix and match different patterns to get that retro vibe. Karen Walker

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Gold was all over the F/W 2014-2015 runways. It was seen all over Prada, Chloe, Moschino and Saint Laurent. Be sure to sport one gold ensemble to be on trend. Saint Laurent

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Neons are electric shades and wee at their peak during the 80s. but now they’re returning but in a more sophisticated style – pair them with neutral colors instead of going for a full-on neon look. Delpozo

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Ostrich feathers for a couture touch as seen on the RTW f/w runways. It’s soft, light and dark colors always have that touch of elegance. It will make you look like you’re floating breezily with wings as light as those of birds. It was seen as dresses, tops, skirts, you name it. Alexander McQueen

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For those days that are just super cold and unbearable, keep yourself warm with a shearling coat. We’ve seen this trend back in 2014 but it happens to remain for this year. Coach

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It also happens to inspire designers to have an athletic esthetic for the coming seasons. We’ve seen both fleece and mesh fabrics combined that happen to look like a cool and dynamic sportswear. Miu Miu

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Since we’re keeping with the season’s retro vibe, the only expected color of choice is brown. It’s easy to pair it with rich colors such as copper, burgundy and many others.

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