What to Wear During Heavy Rainy Days

There’s no raining on your fashion parade.

When it rains, people tend to go for the quick-fix getup – usually, pants, old shoes and coat or jacket. You only dampen your style spirit with that kind of outfit. Why not level up your wardrobe? What about beauty products that will keep your makeup in place?

Below are some outfit ideas on what you should wear during heavy rain.


Bright yellow coat, striped top and Hunter boots

outfit-ideas-during-heavy-rain-1When you step out of the rain, it’s really unlikely that any part of you will stay dry. That is why you always need a good cover-up handy. Strong winds blow heavy rain in every direction and a stylish trench coat is what you need to keep yourself warm and dry, a great example of what to wear to during heavy rainy days.


Coat and knee-high boots

outfit-ideas-during-heavy-rain-1Coats are practically long enough to cover your entire outfit. Not only is it waterproof (some trench coats are), but they also match any type of footwear you own. It looks good in either dresses or jeans.


Striped dress, tights and maroon Hunter boots

outfit-ideas-during-heavy-rain-1A great pop of color will usually make you stand out of the crowd especially if it’s the only colorful piece in your outfit. When you’re wearing mostly neutral, having that dash of color will make you all the more stylish for the rainy day.


Cape, mini-skirt and Oxford heels

outfit-ideas-during-heavy-rain-1Whoever likes the feeling of sticky, damp fabric clinging to their legs? Some ladies prefer wearing short bottoms with high shoes. You can skip the tights if you prefer. It’s similar to dressing down but still choosing to wear appropriate for school or the office.


Printed dress, waterproof jacket and kitten heels

outfit-ideas-during-heavy-rain-1A pop of print on your outfit gives an opposite reaction to the dim colors outside. If you’re bold enough to sport bright colors such as yellow, red, pink or orange, then you can definitely perk up any gloomy background.


Denim-on-denim, yellow sweater, knee-high socks and red Hunter boots

outfit-ideas-during-heavy-rain-1Why not go bright on dark and grey days? The weather is all about the gloomy sky and while most prefer going all vampy with dark ensembles, contrasting colors will definitely make a great statement against all those dark-outfit-wearing people.


Oversized printed top, waterproof pants and Hunter boots

outfit-ideas-during-heavy-rain-1When in doubt, you can always opt for pants and the handy knee-high rain boots. But you’ll always think that there’s something missing. You have two choices- you can either add a bright piece or a printed piece.


Sweater dress, platform boots and beanie cap

outfit-ideas-during-heavy-rain-1Knitwear is a great option when it comes to cold, heavy, rainy days. Sweaters are okay but not everybody can rock sweater dresses. You can still layer it with a coat or your favorite jacket if the weather’s too cold for you. Since the dress is simple, you can add statement pieces like a cap or boots.


Leather jacket, scarf – all-black ensemble

outfit-ideas-during-heavy-rain-9You know what’s perfect for a storm? Tights, scarves and leather jackets (faux leather jackets are okay, too).


Waterproof jacket and Hunter heeled boots

outfit-ideas-during-heavy-rain-1Not into sharp and masculine looks? Pair your girly dress with tights, high-heeled boots and your chunky waterproof jacket to get that feminine vibe going on.


Jumper dress, sheer tights and printed rain boots

outfit-ideas-during-heavy-rain-11If you own a pair of cute, printed rain boots, now is the perfect time to rock them. You can look like a grown adult wearing these boots instead of a kid by pairing it with the right pieces. For instance, you can’t wear this with a floral dress because it’s too childlike. Anything too bright or printed will clash with your already-printed boots. So choose neutrals and dark colors to match this pair effortlessly.


When it rains, there are still some things you need to bring. An umbrella is important because it will protect you from ruining your outfit as well as a protective bag to store the things that shouldn’t get wet. Putting on a good outfit is a chore when it rains. Comfort is essential when it comes to looking for what to wear during heavy rainy days so whatever you’re comfortable in wearing for the day, you should definitely go for it.


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