Top 8 Sweaters Men Can Wear For The Office

Sweaters are a favorite clothing item for both men and women. Men should have fashionable sweaters for the spring, fall and winter that are appropriate for the office setting. Owning several different colors, patterns, and styles provides many outfit options. Here are some top types to pick from.

Crew-Neck Sweaters

crew neck sweater

These are versatile and popular sweaters. Fortunately, they are also office-appropriate. The sweater pairs nicely with a shirt, but the edge and the points of the collar stay tucked inside the crew neck. Keep it tucked in and smoothed down beneath the sweater if you have to wear a tie with the collared shirt. Just a little of the tie knot should show.

V-Neck Sweaters

v-neck sweater

These sweaters reveal more of the shirt, so you can pair a v-neck sweater with ties and collared shirt, and a jacket or blazer to complete the outfit. The v-neckline will show the entire collar of your shirt and a larger section of the tie. But the tie’s lower section will stay tucked in below the sweater.

Sweater Vests

sweater vest

The right sweater lends a sleek, modern flair to men’s office clothing. But the wrong vest can bring down the overall look, making you seem too old-fashioned or casual. Luckily, there are plenty of sweater vests for the modern business professional. These vests are made of cashmere, cotton and silk. You can wear a bow-tie with the sweater vest too.

Solid-Color Sweaters

solid-color sweater

You will get sweaters in many patterns and colors. Usually darker solid colors are more appropriate for the office. Businessmen prefer deep hues like black, forest green, maroon, gray or navy. Whatever color you select, it should go with the rest of your outfit, including the collared shirt, pants and shoes. Bright colors are usually not suitable, as it gives your outfit a more casual impression.

Argyle Sweaters

argyle sweater

For some men, solid colors are not interesting enough. They want patterns to bring in a little bit of fun to the workday. It showcases their personality. Argyle is a good option here. Argyle sweaters are good, without being overstated or too bold.

Boat-Neck Sweaters

boat-neck sweater

A boat neck sweater is not as round as a crew-neck sweater. The neckline is broader, extending toward the shoulders. These sweaters work well with collared shirts and ties.

Striped Sweaters

striped sweater

A striped sweater works well with a solid-color shirt and matching tie. If you are of average size, you can try a sweater with broad stripes, narrow stripes, or a combination of broad and narrow stripes. Those who are larger should avoid broad stripes.

Cable-Knit Sweaters

cable knit sweater

Cable-knit sweaters are usually much heavier than others. Fine-gauge or medium-gauge knit sweaters is good for the office, but cable-knit is generally considered more casual. However, when it is really cold, many offices will welcome these chunky sweaters. You can wear a cable-knit sweater over a shirt and tie or t-shirt. But usually, these are too chunky for a blazer or jacket.