Tennis Clothing and Accessories Brands

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Do you want to wear the same clothes as the pros? We have 10 of our favorite sporting brands that has the largest selection of tennis clothing and accessories whether online or in-store.

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Adidas is one brand that you can’t miss. Even if it isn’t for tennis goods, they have basically a fantastic selection of tops, shorts, base layers, tracksuits as seen on Andy Murray, Ana Ivanovic and many others.

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Nike is the largest brand that has a lot of essential tennis gear. You see Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams wear that iconic clothing with a little logo on the left of their chest because they’re that loyal to Nike. Not only tennis players benefit from Nike – have you watched a game of NBA? Almost every player wears Nike shoes. Nike has a lot of stylish and fashionable clothing and if you want to show off a bit of fashion on the court, head over to Nike now.

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Lacoste isn’t just for those who play lacrosse – it basically embodies that elegance of tennis like no other brand. Their tennis clothing style is clean and elegant, practically timeless. Huge Lacoste supporters include Gustavo Kuerten, Jeremy Chardy and John Isner.

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FILA is an Italian-South Korean company. It is also one of the largest sportswear manufacturing companies. They have a huge line of clothes for sports such as tennis, running, training, golf, swimming, basketball and even has a line of vintage of clothing.

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New Balance is the coolest new brand in tennis. Have you seen Milos Raonic’s tennis outfit? He’s wearing a Spring/Summer 15 outfit.

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Lotto is a leading sporting brand in many countries. They make products for tennis, football and running. I bet you’ve seen Agnieszka Radwanska, Ekaterina Makarova endorsing this brand in a couple of Tours.

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Head has a lot of pro rank endorsers than the other brands. They have Novak Djakovic, Andy Murray, Maria Sharapova, Marin Cilic and Richard Gasquet. They make high quality rackets, tennis balls, tennis shoes and many more.

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THORLOs is known to create engineered padded socks that will reduce blisters, foot pain, pressures and moisture. Their socks are perfect for athletes. They’re actually the first tennis sock dating back from the 1960s and until now, tennis players who are at Wimbledon today still wear them.

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Italian company TTK are super stylish – they combine Italian flair with the functionality and performance, all important elements when it comes to tennis clothes. The company was only founded in 2000 but they’ve done so much making them very popular around the globe and sponsoring important teams like Davis Cup national teams in Croatia, Slovak Republic, Spain, Emilio Sanchez Academy in Barcelona and the largest association of coaches in the world which is the TTK. They even have a TTK World Warrior Team where they support international junior athlete sponsorship.


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