Surf, Skate and Street

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Ride the waves, hit the pavement and own the slopes in style – whether you’re looking for a pair of easy prints for skateboarding, an all-weather jacket for snowboarding or a pair of boardshorts to match a graphic tee, you’ll find stylish options below designed to fit your adventurous life.


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This jersey tank top is constructed of polyester jersey/mesh that has a full print on the lower panel and print of the upper front panel. It’s simply “underground-looking” and “over ground-effective” to achieve a too-cool-for-you look.


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Incorporate prints into your look through your boardshorts to achieve a trendy look. This can be worn even on casual days with a plain tee or tank top.


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For flip flops, you would want something sturdy. Something that will last you a long time. Go for a pair that’s made of water-friendly material with a comfortable fit.


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Keep your hair out of the way while showing off some awesome moves on the ramp with a cool hat.


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If you will be sweating so much, choose light-colored fabrics instead of dark ones to avoid visible sweat. Make sure to wear 100% cotton fabric so it wouldn’t cling to your body so much while you perform some stunts with your skateboard.


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Avoid using tight shorts and pants when you’re still learning how to skateboard properly. This jogger shorts with cargo pockets is your best bet for easy and comfort.


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Choose a watch that’s shock resistant and water resistant and features you think you’re going to need not just during your physical activities but for everyday use as well.


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Invest in a quality sports backpack that will always be handy to store your essentials in. it’s also great to have a bag that’s multipurpose – something you could use for camping, travelling and many more.


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When shopping for skate shoes, one thing you should definitely remember is the comfort and not the style. Make sure it will fit like a glove and will give you your money’s worth. It must have a rubber sole so you wouldn’t slip and slide in your board and a cup sole construction.