Stylish Tips on How to Style Puffer Vests this Fall

puffer vest women 10Fall is all about layering. It’s the perfect time of the year to wear comfortable things and what you should be wearing on the outside is what matters most than the clothes underneath.

We don’t see so many girls and women sport puffer vest because it somehow feels a bit bulky. But puffer vests are great for fall weather because they keep you warm and is considered to be the perfect layering pieces.

Puffer vests will also give out that preppy vibe but won’t give you that “I-just-got-out-of-the-magazine-catalogue” vibe going on.

If you’ve never owned a puffer vest but would like to incorporate it to your fall ensemble, then read on below on how to style one.


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If it’s super chilly for the day, layer a plaid shirt under a sweater then add your puffer vest over the whole thing.


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Make your outfit more interesting by mixing prints, like plaid and stripes.


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Go for a sleek puffer vest that has a hood for extra protection for the cold weather.


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Make a dress work this season by adding puffer vest and boots.


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Wear your shirt work for fall by adding a puffer vest and thick tights to your everyday ensemble.


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Use your puffer vest to easily dress down fancy pieces in your look for the day, like a skirt or your shoes.


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Add a belt to your puffer vest while it’s open instead of zipped. It creates a more unique and stylish look.


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Don’t just get rid of your puffer vest when it’s getting even colder. You can layer it under a winter jacket for maximum warmth.


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You can also double your puffer vest on your outfit for the day but just make sure that both vests aren’t super puffy.