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We offer sponsored posts as well as other advertising options.

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Our sponsored content supports many clothing retailers, ecommerce stores, and even name brands in the fashion, wedding, formal, makeup, shoes, jewelry, and accessories niches.

If you have a store (online or brick & mortar), we’d love to publish a post for you!

Benefits of Sponsored Posts

Our blog, Outfit Ideas HQ, showcases tons of ideas in the fashion niche, most particularly styles in clothing. This means, our “authority” and audience are all related to fashion. This is good for several reasons; it means…

  • You get relevant traffic to your site (people who are already interested in what you’re selling)
  • You get high-quality relevant backlinks to help increase your authority (SEO) in Google search engines (higher rankings in Google)
  • You get more eyeballs on your brand (more brand awareness)!

Other cool things about a sponsored post on Outfit Ideas HQ:

  • A permanent listing on our site – Your sponsored post will stay on our site forever, meaning all the benefits will keep coming to you forever
  • Showoff your products – Each one of our posts includes several images (since our purpose is to showcase “ideas”, so you get to include your product images in a sponsored post.
  • Chance to educate and sell your products – With our ecommerce sponsored post format, you get a chance to virtually sell your products on our site. You can include images of your products and a short description of each image/product selling it. If you choose this type of format, you can include a link from each product image pointing to the page you’re selling it on your website.
  • It looks like a regular post – Sometimes, publishers mark a post as “sponsored”, and whenever that happens, readers are hesitant to read it because they think they’re just going to be sold on something. But with Outfit Ideas HQ, none of our posts are marked as sponsored, so your sponsored post will look just like a regular post. Simply put because all of our content is meant to provide inspiration. So when you (or we) create the post, it is already providing inspiration for people in choosing what to wear. And then when you create a link to the product, it provides more value because it shows people where they can get the item if they want it.

If you’d like a sponsored post on Outfit Ideas HQ, email us at [email protected] for rates and prices.