Semi-Formal Outfits Ideas for Women

A semiformal look can be very flexible for women. It’s a look that is less formal than black-tie but more dressy than an everyday or business attire look. It’s all about looking elegant but not extravagant.

Events with semiformal dress codes could be a wedding, bar mitzvahs, afternoon tea, graduations, dances, award ceremonies and many others.

Don’t lean into a look that is either too dressed up or too casual.

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It’s best to wear a dress to a semiformal event, although a pantsuit or a dress suit is also appropriate. You can choose dresses with minimal or sophisticated prints when you don’t want to wear just a solid-color dress.

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You’re clothes’ fabrics should be cashmere, silk, velvet or high quality polyester. More importantly, choose fabrics that are looking very silky. You still should consider about the fabric you use of the celebration. For instance, for a morning or afternoon affairs, you would want to wear fabrics that are light and airy like chiffon. Other semiformal fabrics include velvet, satin, chiffon, taffeta, velour, gossamer and sateen.

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Dress suits and dresses should fall below the knee or an inch above the knee.

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If you’re planning on wearing a business suit, make sure the fabric isn’t wool. Wool in clothing is not considered to be a semiformal and dressy enough.

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Choose jewelries in emerald, ruby or deep purple colors, perfect for evening events but there is a wide range of jewelry that is acceptable to wear to a semiformal event. Bracelets, rings, necklaces go well with an elegant dress. They are sophisticated and chic. Avoid wearing plastic or wood type of jewelries.

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You need to pair your ensemble with beautiful dress heels, flats or sexy strappy sandals that would match the color of your outfit.

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In warm temperatures, you should wear bright, pastel and light shades while in cool temperatures, go for dark hues like plum, burgundy, navy and dark greens.

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Don’t bring a bulky bag to a semiformal event. Instead, opt for elegant clutches, skinny pouches or little evening bags.

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For an evening event, don’t forget to bring short evening jackets, wraps and shawls that will add layers into your look.

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Keep your hair beautifully styles like a French braid, a half-up twist, a side-twist updo or anything that will look elegant.  It’s best to wear makeup as natural as possible.