Quick! Save Ruined Clothes with These Fashion Hacks

fashion hacks 12There’s still hope to save your favorite clothing items with these easy and effortless fashion hacks.


fashion hacks 1Armpit stains? Have you tried everything? All types of detergent powder? You don’t need those anymore. All you need is a mix of lemon and water. Scrub out the stains with that mixture and if it’s a more prominent stain, just add in baking soda. Let it sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing.


fashion hacks 2Bad smell on your jeans? Place it in a plastic wrap then let it sit in the freezer or simply stray vodka into the lingering smell then let it dry. Just like regular rubbing alcohol, the odor-causing bacteria will die also with the help of vodka.


fashion hacks 3Scratched leather? Dull shoes? Freshen up your pair of shoes with a lotion.


fashion hacks 4Stop your tights or stockings from running with a clear nail varnish.


fashion hacks 5Zipper is stuck? Fix it with a q-tip with a bit of petroleum jelly.


fashion hacks 6Soak red wine stains in white wine to remove them before washing them.


fashion hacks 7Clean your patent leather shoes with a glass cleaner.


fashion hacks 8Loose button thread? Keep it in place with a clear nail varnish. You don’t need to sew the button just yet, especially if you’re running a little late already.


fashion hacks 9Remove makeup stains with a dollop of shaving cream. Just make sure that the fabric isn’t dry-cleaning only. Let it sit for a couple of minutes then toss it in the washer.


fashion hacks 10Your sunglasses’ arms could be a little looser when used frequently. Prolong the life of your favorite pair by dabbing clear varnish over the hinge to tighten it temporarily.


fashion hacks 11Got a scruff on your favorite pair of patent leather shoes? Just swipe a bit of petroleum jelly into the damaged area and wipe it clean after.