A Quick Guide to Different Sunglasses

different types of sunglasses

Picture Source: Sunglass Warehouse

There are so many different types of sunglasses out there that sometimes it can be quite difficult to identify and find the ones you like. So here is a resourceful guide to letting you in on the names of the different kinds of sunglasses.

Wayfarer Sunglasses
wayfarer sunglassesThe wayfarer sunglasses are one of my favorite. It has slightly boxy and super thick frames. Almost anyone can wear these, men, women, boy, or girl, and any type of facial structure will look good in it. These frames are even used for the large nerdy glasses you see on the typical nerd look. 

nerdy glasses

Nerdy Glasses

You see how the frames are the same as the wayfarer glasses? They’re the same frames except the nerdy glasses have clear lenses.

Sometimes you’ll even see companies make their own cheap wayfarer sunglasses and pass them out to people for advertising and promotion of their brand.

wayfarer sunglasses 2

Shield Sunglasses
shield sunglassesThe shield sunglasses are different because they only have one lens. These usually have large lenses and can really block out sunlight well.

Round Sunglasses (Teashade)round teeshade sunglassesPopularized by John Lennon, these round framed sunglasses give the effect of a vintage rock star look.

john lennon teashade sunglasses

John Lennon Teashade Sunglasses

Oversized Sunglasses
oversized sunglassesThe name is exactly what it implies. These oversized frames are very large and cover the eyes well from sunlight. A lot of celebrities can be seen wearing this.

Novelty Sunglassesnovelty sunglassesThese sunglasses can be seen in many different parties; New Year’s, Fourth of July, and Halloween. There are also novelty glasses that feature TV characters and many other humorous characters.

Clubmaster Style Sunglasses
clubmaster sunglassesThese glasses have a thick brow-line frame and extra rims on the bottom. They look similar to the aviator frames except that these have a large top frame. It gives a retro-style effect to the wearer.

Cateye Sunglassescateye sunglassesThese sunglasses have a shape similar to that of a cateye. Like the oversized sunglasses, the cateye frames can be seen on many celebrities. This also gives a sort of retro styled look.

Aviator Sunglassesaviator sunglassesLast but not least, we have the aviator sunglasses. One of the most popularly worn sunglasses out there. It has a metal frame and sometimes with smoky lenses. The large lenses were to block out the sun from all angles, which was why the pilots wore them back then. Looks good on everyone.

Which ones are your favorite?