Quick and Easy Memorial Day Weekend Outfit Ideas

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In need of an emergency outfit for Memorial Day weekend? We have the perfect outfit for you whatever your plans may be.

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Everybody has that cute little white dress perfect for daytime activities like picnic in the park or just hanging around with some friends at the clubhouse. If you believe the dress is too simple for you, wear it with cute sandals or ballet flats. Don’t forget to accessorize.


memorial day outfit ideas 2If you’re going to be by the sea for the entire weekend partying or just relaxing, why not sport a nautical-themed outfit while you’re there? Try this high-waist shorts with gold buttons and a white top which you can unbutton, just make sure you have a cute bikini top under it.


memorial day outfit ideas 3Heading to a program for the afternoon? Look radiant in red with this red sleeveless top, denim shorts and a sling bag for the perfect casual-dressy outfit.


memorial day outfit ideas 4If you’re going to an event that requires you to cover up a little bit, look stylish and smart in denim jacket, blue skinny trousers and high heels. This outfit won’t make you too formal or too casual, it’s just right.


memorial day outfit ideas 5Head to the city and go shopping or hit the museums in a maxi skirt and sleeveless top. Grab a bag then slip on comfortable footwear for a blister-free day.


memorial day outfit ideas 6Spend a day grilling those famous BBQ in a flirty romper. When it gets a little cold during the day, just bring yourself with you your denim jacket.


memorial day outfit ideas 7This is the perfect beach look if you’re heading there for Memorial Day Weekend. Wear a super cute swimsuit you haven’t worn in forever than just layer it with this blue buttoned shirt or a cover up. Never forget about the essentials – straw hat, sunglasses and sun block to protect you from the sun.


memorial day outfit ideas 8You can go traditional – the classic – in this totally Americana-inspired outfit; flag of America cardigan or jacket with simple cropped top and black shorts. If you don’t have an American flag-print jacket or top, just wear a plain white top with blue or red outerwear.


memorial day outfit ideas 9You can even wear a street-style inspired look for the day. This one is perfect for night time rendezvous for the long weekend. All you need is a body con dress or even a maxi dress; add in a fitted blazer and your favorite trainers then you’re good to go.


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Going to some fancy-shmancy event, here’s the perfect springtime (and Memorial Day weekend) look you need – combining different patterns this floral top and striped shorts.