Plus Size Formal Dresses

This is post 4 of the Plus Sized Fashion Ideas Series:

Looking for plus size formal dresses for women or yourself? Here is a list of 10 pictures and images that show absolutely stunning formal dresses.

plus size formal dresses 2This red and black printed dress is absolutely beautiful! Great for formal occasions.

plus size formal dresses 1This white and yellow flowery dress is extra cute. With black high heels, you won’t go wrong!

plus size formal dress 9This black full body length plus size formal dress is absolutely stunning. Add silver jewelry and accessories and you’ll have boys looking at you from across the room. Great for prom.

plus size formal dresses 10A teal maxi dress with silver high heels. Very cute for formal or semi-formal occasions. Use a cardigan to add more accent and flavor.

plus size formal dresses 8This dress is red on the bottom and black on the top. Very beautiful!

plus size formal dresses 7A purple strapless dress and high heels. Add a beautiful pearl necklace and a pearl bracelet with a black purse. You’ll be absolutely stunning!

plus size formal dresses 6A blueish purpleish tinted knee length dress. Absolutely beautiful. Add your favorite nude high heels or pumps, your favorite jewelry, and accessories and you’ll be the star of the night!

plus size formal dresses 5A dark blue formal dress which is very cool looking and very beautiful. All eyes will be on you when you walk down those steps. Wear a gold or silver necklace, bracelet, and earrings to look even more stunning.

plus size formal dresses 4A beautiful purple formal dress which is a bit tight around the thighs. Choose light colored jewelry and accessories to add accents.

plus size formal dresses 3A beautiful black dress that goes down just a little bit below the knees. Choose your favorite black high heels, jewelry, and accessories and you’ll be the talk of the night. Wear a pearl necklace to have an accent to your outfit or light colored jewelry and accessories.