Outfits to Wear with Parka Jackets this Season

So many fashionistas are wearing parkas these days. This menswear-inspired parka jacket was inspired by American army pilots back in the fifties.

These days, the universal piece has a number of pockets, warm lining, hood and it’s made of water-resistant material. The fur lined designed parkas will definitely suit you for cold winter days.

It’s so easy to turn the parka jacket into a work of fashion paired with modern fall outfit ideas you can wear to work and ensembles for winter. Read on to know how to style yours now.


Parka, denim shirt, denim jeans, running shoes

parka-outfit-ideas-1Fight the winter elements with a parka since it’s waterproof, durable and very comfortable. Pull on your denim shirt paired with denim jeans for a stylish chilly day ensemble. Wear this with running shoes or boots for a casual daytime look.


Military parka, tank top, jeans, platform boots

parka-outfit-ideas-1This outfit is pretty simple yet chic. For a military-inspired look, pair your military parka with simple pieces like a tank top and denim jeans. Finish with platform boots.


Parka, striped top, leather pants

parka-outfit-ideas-1For a stylish and cozy winter outfit, try wearing a striped top with leather pants with your parka. It will keep you warm as well as add some edge to your outfit.


Brown parka, black top, distressed denim jeans, scarf, Panama Jack boots

parka-outfit-ideas-1An oversized brown parka is essentially a must-have for this season. Rock the trend with a basic black top, your favorite distressed jeans and Panama Jack boots for a rugged look.


Slit parka, padded shoulder top, black trousers, high heels

parka-outfit-ideas-1Look effortlessly chic in this black and white winter combination with white top, black blazer, black slit parka high heels. You can even add a cute hat to get a nice look.


Denim parka, gray top, black skinny jeans, Chelsea boots, brown suede boots

parka-outfit-ideas-1Whether in longer or shorter hems, this outfit gives a model-vibe on their day off. This is fantastic attire that you can wear for work or running errands.


Parka, blazer, long top, leggings, over-the-ankle boots, beanie

parka-outfit-ideas-1Celebrities have been sporting this kind of look. It’s gotten common for a while now but this just gives a street style look. It’s all about choosing the right layers.


Striped top, brown parka, light-wash denim jeans, flats, beanie

parka-outfit-ideas-1Balance your proportions with a striped top, light-wash denim jeans and a brown parka. It would also look great if you substitute regular denim jeans for boyfriend jeans.


Red parka, white sweater, blue slim pants, white sneakers

parka-outfit-ideas-1Red is definitely a go-to color for the festive season. A statement red parka with a white sweater and blue slim pants will surely make an overall impressionable look.


Printed parka, sweater, jeans, boots

parka-outfit-ideas-1There’s no rule that a parka just needs to be in a dark, solid color. Think outside the box the next time you’ll be shopping for parka. It will make a surprising way of becoming a statement when paired with simple separates.


Sleeveless parka, maxi dress, white sneakers

parka-outfit-ideas-1Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you have to be sloppy with your outfits. Dress up your plain maxi dress with your sleeveless parka for a chic look in the dead of a cold day. Wear it with white sneakers for a minimalist yet fashionable ensemble.


Black parka, orange cardigan, black jumpsuit, leggings, boots

parka-outfit-ideas-1When it’s too cold for you to handle, you can easily layer a cardigan over your parka. There are also parkas then can be layered in first just make sure it’s thin. It’ll keep you warm and gives an added element.

You can find the parka in so many different color, brands and design to effortlessly finish your outfit. What outfit are you sporting for the harsh winter days? Let us know!


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