Outfit Ideas with Tie-Dye

outfit ideas with tie dyes 11

Tie-die became really well-known in the 60s. It was known to be a resist-dyeing technique. Doing a tie-dye consists of several types– folding, twisting, pleating or crumpling the fabric then by binding them with rubber bands then followed by the application of dyes. It has been a huge trend ever season, especially during this resort season as we see from designers like Michael Korrs, Gucci, Alexander Wang and many more. What’s more summertime than tie-dye? Below are some outfit ideas and more info about this fun trend.


outfit ideas with tie dyes 1Tie-dye actually came from an ancient Japanese practice called “shibori” which calls for natural indigo dye and is an umbrella term for a variety of pattern-dyeing techniques.


outfit ideas with tie dyes 2We’ve seen designers from Stella McCartney to Fausto Puglisi inked with this fashionable print.


outfit ideas with tie dyes 3We’re pretty sure the tie-dye trend you remember consisted of tying rubber bands to your tees during summer camp, the new trend elevated that kind of past time in a major way.


outfit ideas with tie dyes 4Tie-dye is characterized by using bright, saturated primary colors and bold patterns – patterns like mandala, peace sign and spirals.


outfit ideas with tie dyes 5“Sophisticated” tie-dye is the rising fashion movement in the industry that’s distinguishes from motifs, monochromatic color schemes and a spotlight on smart garments and fabrics other than just cotton.


outfit ideas with tie dyes 6When doing your own tie-dye garment, be precide and ensure a beautiful pattern that is equal parts consistent and unique.


outfit ideas with tie dyes 7Marble effect is also something you need to try. It’s truly a beautiful work of art.


outfit ideas with tie dyes 8By doing so, use stencils, clamped-on shape blocks and tritik (stitching and gathering). Tie-dye can give you your desired design.


outfit ideas with tie dyes 9Pastel tie-dye like this one is very common to wear during summer – whether it’s a dress, kimono or your top.


outfit ideas with tie dyes 10If you’ve got an old tie-dye tee you made from one of your summer camping trips, reconstruct that old junk by tying it in the middle to have a sort of cropped effect.