Outfit Ideas for Pregnant Women

outfit ideas for pregnant women 11Let’s be honest here – most maternity clothes are hideous. Seriously, 90% of maternity clothes are super tacky and ugly that sometimes looking at them will make us feel sorry for the woman who spent money for it. Lucky for you (if you’re pregnant), we have waaaaay more awesome alternatives that we believe even those who aren’t pregnant can rock.


outfit ideas for pregnant women 110% of the not-hideous maternity ensembles include this one – it’s great that they make denim overalls for the pregnant. It’s an easy and comfy everyday look which includes stylish slip-ons and a striped tee.


outfit ideas for pregnant women 2Just because you’re expecting, doesn’t mean you can’t rock the whole street style look. Try a cozy outfit with a stretchable skirt with your favorite pair of statement trainers and a hat.


outfit ideas for pregnant women 3Don’t kip in your bed for the rest of your pregnancy just because you feel ugly. Some women tend to feel that because of hormones. They believe they’re “as big as a whale” and their man wouldn’t like them anymore. If you have a date coming up, look your best. Find a cute girly blouse to wear for your date then if you didn’t know, there are these garterized and stretchable waists (a hidden adjustable panel which will give support for your stomach) on denim jeans made for those who are expecting. If you can’t walk in high heels, go for stylish flats.


outfit ideas for pregnant women 4Showing off your baby bump is actually pretty sexy. Try wearing a slightly fitting dress that will accentuate your stomach. Stretchy dress will show off your shape in a good way, not making you look bigger.


outfit ideas for pregnant women 5Here’s a super chic outfit that consists of a white dress and knee-high boots. Become one of those women who are super stylish and in trend for the latest maternity fashions.


outfit ideas for pregnant women 6Diane von Furstenburg once said that a wrap dress is a pregnancy staple. Who are you to not follow DVF’s free style advice? 😉


outfit ideas for pregnant women 7Sometimes, all you need is a super cute cardigan like this crochet one to complete your stylish maternity look.


outfit ideas for pregnant women 8Stay away from bright colors and loud prints. You’re going to try and rock dark and solid-color outfits.


outfit ideas for pregnant women 9Rock a laid-back look with an oversized chambray shirt and white trousers for a daytime casual outfit.


outfit ideas for pregnant women 10Having a baby is one of the most amazing gifts you will ever receive. All you need to do is flaunt it and rock it.