What to Wear to a Rock Concert: How to Rock Out Your Outfit!

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ALRIGHT! So I take it this is going to be your first time going to a Rock Concert. Obviously, only first timers would actually Google Rock Concert Outfit Ideas because true Rock Music Lovers already know what to wear. Don’t worry, we’re not judging! We’re actually really happy you’re doing your research before going out there! So, whether or not you are a True Rocker or  maybe you suddenly blanked out and just can’t decide what to wear, we’ve got you covered! Here are a couple of tips on how to dress like you belong at a Rock Concert!
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It’s all about keeping it comfortable and simple. A plain black tee with jeans and boots are the look you wanna go for because it will be hot and I guarantee that you will be rocking out A LOT!
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Please don’t wear the merch shirt of the band you’re seeing! That would be a total Newbie move (maybe because you are, but you want to belong in the scene).
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Layering isn’t an option when it comes to these types of concert. Sure, there are a lot of outfits that consider layering to look really cute but when you’re going to be dancing and rocking out, a tank top underneath a t-shirt and a cardigan over is not the way you want to go! It’s going to be stuffy in there no matter what the weather is. If you’re going to an indoor concert, a light, loose shirt partnered with your favorite pair of jeans that you can freely move around in is PERFECT!
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If the venue is outdoors, a cool leather jacket or a funky sweater/cardi is sure to give you that Rocker Vibe!
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THINKING of wearing those $300 Versace jeans you got a few weeks ago? That’s an automatic NO NO! Rock concerts are definitely NOT the best place to wear your super expensive outfits because they can get smoky, sweaty, and dirty and ripped. Save those for a more calm atmosphere.
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Ouch! I think having some random stranger stepping on your feet is not on your list for the perfect Rock out Night. So, to assure that you don’t have to dial 911 due to your toe nails missing, flip-flops, heels, sandals, cute strappy Gladiators – not the right choices. Keep your feet covered by rocking out your favorite Sneakers or Boots!
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NAH! Avoid wearing too much BLING to a Rock concert! Especially if they’re a $900 diamond pendant necklace with rubies on the sides. Also, large rings like the ones gypsies and hippies would wear if they were at a music festival. These rings could actually cause injuries when you jump around and actually hit the rocker next to you. Keep your accessories to a minimum and as close to your skin as possible. You wouldn’t want to rip part of your ear lobe because you decided to wear your BIG hoops!
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Keep it PLAIN JANE – Simple Chokers, Studs, Rubber/ Cuff Bracelets are great accessories to wear to such events!.
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REMEMBER LADIES your make up can either make you or break you! If you’re the type to move around a lot then expect sweat; Sweat + a whole lot of make up at a Rock Concert= A BIG MESS! Wear as little make up as possible! Most Rock Concerts whether they’re indoors or outdoors, is going to be dark, so odds are noone will focus on your imperfections! Stay away from wearing too much foundation, blush, highlights, contour, etc. WATERPROOF eyeliner and mascara are your bestfriend. When wearing eyeshadow, make sure you prime it and set it so that it doesn’t start leaving stray marks as the night goes on! Keep your lipstick to a minimum as well. If you are going to sing along from the beginning till the end, you’re lipstick will be gone by the first song. Keep it Nude or keep your lip moisturizer handy throughout the night! Wearing intense and dark lips will give you more trouble than help!
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If you want to head bang to the beat of the drums and not feel all that sweat in your hair after rocking out the entire night, it’s best to keep your hair in a bun or a ponytail. No need for trying to look your Sunday best when Rocking out, right? By keeping your hair away from your face, you’ll have more time rocking out and less time worrying about how you’re going to untangle your long locks!
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Drink lots of water and eat well before the concert to prevent dehydration and sickness. You don’t want to feel weak. The last thing you want to happen at a Rock Concert is you fainting in the middle of a Guitar Solo! Eating well and getting the proper rest before Headbanging and Rocking out is a MUST!
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Before going to the actual concert, listen to their songs first. YES, you may be new to a Rock Concert, but that doesn’t stop you from listening to a 3 minute song of the band you’re going to see! Whether you know or not know the band, it’s common courtesy to know at least one of their HIT songs! PLUS, it’s more fun when you get to karaoke LIVE with the band!
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As fun as moshpits seem to be in movies, they’re NOT. So don’t push, don’t join the pit and just enjoy the concert. Also, leave all your important belongings in the car or at home! If you want to record, bring your phone, but leave all your other necessities behind. This way you can put all your attention on the performance!
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