Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Not everyone wants to wear red or pink or hearts on Valentine’s Day, and not every Valentine’s Day date involves a candlelit dinner. In fact, most people don’t do these things. The big day for most of them is all about spending time with a special someone, dinner and drinks at a quiet corner, and a walk back home.

Here, we have rounded up many non-clichéd Valentine’s Day outfits for whatever your plans might be, whether you are doing karaoke with friends, meeting a date for the first time, or staying in your apartment.

Dinner and a Movie

long-sleeve bodysuit

For a casual date night, you can still be comfortable without going for the usual slouchy sweater and jeans routine. Try a long-sleeve bodysuit tucked into skinny jeans with ankle boots and a trendy bomber jacket instead. You will surely look good in this.

Outdoor Adventure

chunky sweater

Maybe you and your partner are going ice skating, or taking a romantic stroll in the park. You can still look cute even if you bundle up. Wear comfortable over the knee boots with a chunky sweater, a wool coat, and a cute hat to finish off the look.

Girls Night Out

strappy heels

Time out with friends could be more fun than time with a date, particularly if you haven’t been dating for a long time. Plan for it with a sexy dress that shows a little skin, strappy heels, and a clutch that won’t weigh you down.

Anything But Red

silk dress with print

Who said you must wear red on Valentine’s Day? Avoid this cliché and be someone different this year. You can wear a silk dress with a gorgeous print and a flattering silhouette. Pair it with a black coat and heels, and you have got a high-drama look.

Romantic Dinner at Home


Sometimes dinner at home is the best Valentine’s Day plan. There is nobody to bother you. Privacy guaranteed. You will be comfortable in a sweater-dress, paired with special but minimal accessories to make it still feel like a date.

Meeting Someone from the Internet

lace top with denim

Going on a first date on Valentine’s Day is a daring choice, so you might as well wear a daring outfit. For instance, you can try a lace top. It looks sexy. You can adjust the strings as well for how much cleavage you want to show. Wear it with denim flared jeans or culottes and a high heel to impress without overdoing it.

Drinks and Karaoke

faux-fur coat

A cute little denim dress can be a good choice, whether you are going with your partner or friends. Play up the vintage feel with suede over-the-knee boots and a teddy-bear faux-fur coat.

Netflix and Chill

cotton and lace pajamas

If you don’t plan on doing much more than watching a movie and eating popcorn with your current flame, try slightly see-through cotton and lace pajamas. You are guaranteed more than a movie on the night.

Super-Fancy Night Out

Part of the fun of planning for dinner at a fancy restaurant or the ballet is deciding what to wear. For an outfit that will easily stun your date, wear a flowy, seductive dress, paired with a bright clutch, drop earrings, and metallic sandals.