Mother of the Bride Dress Ideas and Do’s and Dont’s

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The mother of the bride dress is as important as the wedding gown. She is an important part of the wedding and there’s no reason why the style and flair of her dress should not wonderfully reflect that of the woman who is wearing it. While the bride is going to need all the help she’s going to get to make sure the significant day of her life is perfect, you shouldn’t forget to give a bit of spotlight to the mother of the bride.

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First of all, you need to consider her personal style. Know how she likes to dress. If she’s more on the conservative side, find her a traditional long dress with a matching jacket; while if she’s more trendy and fashionable, find her a dress that isn’t too common or too boring for her taste.

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Sense the theme of the wedding – each wedding has a color scheme and a tone. Whether it would be pastels or neons, casual, semi-formal or formal, it is important to consider your dress within the standards to the theme.

mother of the bride dresses 3It’s also a great idea to include the mother of the groom when you look for wedding dresses. It would be fabulous that the two important members of the family complement each other.

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It is still the bride’s day – so it would be best to allow the couple to give a few tips and ideas on certain dresses. For example, the colors, patterns, hemlines and necklines. Also, the mom should keep her glam look toned down a bit because it’s the bride’s day to shine.

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Incorporate something that the mother of the bride would love. For example, making her choose a cute hair accessory that would go with her outfit. Or her favorite high heels. It will make the mom feel special and beautiful as well.

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The wedding of her daughter is the time to indulge and look best. There’s no need for the mother of the bride to skimp on herself. Get her matching support lingerie.

mother of the bride dresses 7Keep the embellishments to a minimum. Choose lace, pearl or intricate beadwork. If her daughter’s gown is simple and classy, then the mother of the bride’s dress should be simple as well.

mother of the bride dresses 8Encourage her to bring her own flair and flavor to the look.

mother of the bride dresses 9It’s also important to leave yourself plenty of time to shop for the perfect mother of the bride dress but it’s recommended that the mother should wait until her daughter buys her gown first. It takes a lot longer if you’re ordering a dress that needs alterations or if you ask someone to design your dress from scratch.

mother of the bride dresses 10Keep the budget in mind when finding the perfect dress. Keep your options open but go for dresses that is within the budget and something that you would feel comfortable spending.

mother of the bride dresses 11Lastly, you should compromise without drama. For example, you found a dress that you like for the mother of the bride but she hates it? Negotiate in advance and reach common ground way before the wedding. You don’t want to get tensions on high when the wedding is nearing.