Lady Gaga’s Weirdest Outfits

lady gaga weirdest costumes 14

Is Lady Gaga done with the outrageous and most bizarre costumes? We have always known her for being outrageously creative and her provocative daily and on-stage outfits. Let’s reminisce on some of her craziest and wackiest outfits over the years.

lady gaga weirdest costumes 1

Remember when she was spotted roaming the streets of Paris wearing this? We’re not sure how she even get in that costume but we bet it took a lot of effort. And by wearing this, you better be mindful not to poke others with this.

lady gaga weirdest costumes 2

The PokerFace singer wore this bunny-ish outfit when she was out and about in New York last year. The outfit looks comfortable, though.

lady gaga weirdest costumes 3

We don’t know about you, but isn’t wearing a two-piece bikini as you roam the streets is kind of 80s? Not quite sure how to feel about this but the yellow hair and the vibe feels like that Telephone music video she collaborated with Beyoncé.

lady gaga weirdest costumes 4

It takes a lot of guts getting out of your hotel room while wearing this fringe-y dress with white paint all over your body like you’re some kind of a white monster. But on her account, she wore this on October 28, 2013 in England and well, it was almost Halloween, hence, the outfit.

lady gaga weirdest costumes 5

Not quite sure if the Marry The Night singer is facing the camera or the other way around – we can’t see her face. Isn’t that thing on her head quite heavy? We’re glad she pulled it off and not stumble and fall while on her way to present her Artpop album in 2013. This was in Germany.

lady gaga weirdest costumes 6

Models can totally pull off this outfit in the runway. And maybe Lady Gaga could have as well. Maybe if they didn’t put that load of makeup on her face, she could actually pass as a model. A runway model.

lady gaga weirdest costumes 7

Was she supposed to be a nun with a box head during the 2013 MTV Music Video Awards?

lady gaga weirdest costumes 8

During her concert at the o2 Arena in December 2010, she gifted herself to the audience, wrapped up like a present because it was nearing Christmas.

lady gaga weirdest costumes 9

The Bad Romance singer took the Vancouver stage looking like an abstract bunny. This was in 2013.

lady gaga weirdest costumes 10

You haven’t used the internet long if you don’t remember people talking about her meat dress to the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010. These cuts of raw meat was specifically “jerked” and preserved just so she has something weird to wear to the awards show.

lady gaga weirdest costumes 11

Was she trying to look like a wedding cake?

lady gaga weirdest costumes 12

This was said to be inspired by the mysteries of outer space. She wore this at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2011.

lady gaga weirdest costumes 13

Lady Gaga wore this red latex gown at the Royal Variety Performance in December 2009. She met the queen that time and we’d pay a million bucks to know what the Queen of England think of her.