Khaki Ideas for Men

Khakis became popular in America right after World War II. Military personnel wore them and the civilians saw how the pants looked smart so they adopted it on their daily lives as well. It was not only long-lasting; they were very stylish as well.

Since then, these khaki pants have been a staple in every man’s wardrobe.

Today, khaki pants are not only available in the original yellowish brown color, but in other shades and styles as well.

Fabrics used in khakis today are made wrinkle-free or wrinkle-resistant.

Here are some khaki outfit ideas without looking like you’re headed to the safari.

khaki outfit ideas men 4

Khaki suits are common during the summer. Wearing black wool suit just don’t work. So opt for something light in fabrics like cotton and linen.

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Stick to a muted color instead of going bright. Wear it with a light blue, white or light button down shirt. It gives out a fresh spring and summer vibe.

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Khakis are quite popular to those who like to transition their looks easily from office to leisure attire.

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They’re very good alternative to jeans because they’re quite comfortable. They don’t give you that stiffness denim jeans give you.

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Wear your khaki shorts with a blue blazer, pink plaid button down and boat shoes for a nautical feel.

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You can wear khakis as a casual wear and a work wear but can be semi formal.

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Going on a date? Choose a dark green khaki.

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Khakis are appropriate for light dinners, daytime social events, weekend wear, around the house activities.

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Know that wearing head to toe khaki could make you look like a desert-toned pigment. Limit the tone of khakis in your look. A khaki suit is alright, but don’t wear anything the forest adventurers would wear – like a khaki polo shirt, khaki shorts and rubber shoes.

khaki outfit ideas men brown 2

Pair your brown khaki pants with a cardigan and a button down for Casual Fridays.