Joggers for Men: A Complete Guide on How to Wear Joggers

Joggers have been around for many years now. They were commonly worn for exercising but it’s only recently when people took it to the next level. In the past years, it became a fad because people really couldn’t see joggers to be fashionable or attractive, but as fashion continued to evolve, joggers have made their existence known even more and are now a staple to everyone, most especially to men. Read on  and find out ways to wear jogger pants attractively for different occasions on our complete guide on How to wear joggers for men!

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What is a Jogger Pant?

To start off, you need to know, what exactly are joggers? Joggers are loose pants made from stretchy fabric and typically elasticated at the waist and ankles, worn especially for people who exercise or specifically for people who love to jog!

How to Wear Joggers Athletically:

One of the main ways you can wear joggers is for exercising! Due to its elasticity and soft material, it makes it perfect for working out, running, hiking, and even for the most hardcore spartan races! Check out these stylish workout joggers you can wear to look attractive and sweaty at the same time!

Joggers for Men: A Complete Guide on How to Wear Joggers

  • Tank top and joggers are perfect for working out at the gym and showing off your pecks. They are both very light materials so no need to worry about being too hot or sweaty. image credit , image credit
  • Rock out a whole branded outfit with your fave brand, like ADIDAS, for a very stylish and super athletic look. image credit
  • Going for a quick run outdoors, pair up a light long sleeve with a loose jogger for a more flexible and easy to maneuver outfit to keep you fit on a nice sunny and windy weather. image credit
  • How to wear joggers in winter? By pairing a dark colored joggers with a loose turtle neck athletic sweater. Make sure your joggers are a bit more heavy on the material to keep you warm and stylish. image credit

How to Wear Joggers Casually:

Another way to wear joggers is basically wearing it with clothes you already have in your closet! Don’t put much thought to it and grab the first tee or polo shirt you see in your drawers and wear it with your joggers for an effortless and super casual look!

Joggers for Men: A Complete Guide on How to Wear Joggers

  • Little chilly outside? Grab a striped navy sweater and match it with Khaki joggers to keep you warm and simple. image credit
  • Pair up a monotone colored jogger with a plain solid shirt for a quick errand run. image credit
  • Don’t know what to wear when you’re friend decides to call you for a hang out at 11 PM? Pair up some maroon joggers with a logo tshirt and you’re ready for a fun night! image credit
  • Pair up some dark jogger pants with a light washed button up shirt for a semi-casual look. image credit
  • A great summer outfit to wear with your joggers is a tank top that reminds you of the sunny, beach-y weather! image credit

How to Wear Joggers Professionally:

How do you wear jogger pants to work? A professional look doesn’t always mean wearing a suit or high end brands. Make your joggers look professional and work ready by pairing them with more decent tops like shown below!

Joggers for Men: A Complete Guide on How to Wear Joggers

  • Pair up a nice dark washed jogger pant with a colorful plaid shirt and sweater combo and top if off with a light washed blazer and boots for a professional and edgy work outfit. image credit
  • Feeling a little more chic? Pair up an army green jogger pant with a solid white button up shirt underneath a black sweater and top if off with a dark solid blazer. image credit
  • For a more comfortable and business casual jogger outfit, pair up black jogger pants with a solid tee and a cozy cardigan. image credit

How to Wear Joggers Fashionably:

As if you didn’t think joggers weren’t fashionable enough by themselves, taking them to the next level is not as hard as you think it would be! Check out these fashion statement jogger outfits that’s for sure an inspiration to achieve!

Joggers for Men: A Complete Guide on How to Wear Joggers

  • Pair up Khaki joggers with a plaid shirt and a color blocking sweater with the classic denim jacket and your favorite kicks for a trendy casual outfit.image credit
  • Go for a more eccentric look by wearing a bright pair of joggers and a knit sweater together with an over sized coat and a bright beanie! image credit
  • Channel your inner dark vibe and go for an all black outfit with a pair of black joggers, black button up shirt, black blazer, and black shoes. Black on black on black! image credit
  • Feeling a little more on the wild side? Grab a pair of army themed jogger track suit and match it with a black fedora hat! image credit


Joggers are becoming a fashion need rather than a fashion want! It’s super comfortable and can be worn in many different ways! It’s a no brainer that it can be seen worn by almost every man! Grab yourself a pair joggers today and show us your ways of rocking out your favorite joggers!