Holiday Outfit Ideas for Men

From cocktails to countdown, surfing to skiing, you would want to look your absolute best when you go to your most-awaited holiday. We’ve got some awesome holiday style tips for men that includes a balance of style, comfort and versatility.

These are easy. Don’t sweat it.

holiday outfit men 3 cardigan

Whether you would be staying in your chilly city or going to Colorado for a ski trip, you would want to look stylish by layering your clothes. Know how to overlap cotton and wool.

holiday outfit men 13

It would be best to invest in a good overcoat. You can wear it to the office everyday and continue to look professional.  Leave your cool leather jackets for special occasions.

Find an overcoat that fits you well. You have to make sure it compliments your build.

holiday outfit men 5

When going to a semi-formal event, wear quality old-school accessories like a nice knit tie or a classic watch. Stick to the classics, when in doubt. You could never go wrong with it.

holiday outfit men 10

Spend some quality time with your family at your family’s house. Watch some movies, have a couple of apple cider and gingerbread, sing Christmas songs. A pretty laidback yet stylish look is by mixing prints. Wearing plain with plaid will look amazing on men.

holiday outfit men 2

Also, you could wear a leather jacket or a cozy sweater with a soft button down shirt, which always works for parites.

holiday outfit men 1

Add something bright to your entire look. It could be your scarf, your tie or anything festive. Feel the entire holiday vibe.

holiday outfit men 4 tweed

Suits are always nice when going to a more formal party. Use the perfect suit with a nice tie, a pair of fancy shoes and some vintage watch and you’re good to go. A nice tweed suit is perfect for holiday parties.

Head over to your barber for hair grooming. You need to look super clean and fresh, complete with slick-back groomed air.  It’s essential to do this especially when you’re heading to a very special event.

holiday outfit men 11

Heading to the mountains? Grab your plaid wool coat over, a chambray shirt and beat-up khakis. Don’t forget your boots, even if you’re not even hiking but just going to the bar. This 90s inspired shirt is perfect for an effortless look.

holiday outfit ideas 7

A cotton blazer with a button down and some swim trunks is the ideal attire to the office. You can wear something colorful and filled with pattern. Go crazy.

holiday outfit men 6

Take note that you must feel comfortable with your clothing for whatever activity you plan. Allow your skin to breathe but protect it from the harsh cold.