Halloween Costumes: Top Scary Costumes for Kids

Kids are always the most enthusiastic during Halloween. You might want them to go wearing Cute and Adorable Halloween Costumes but here at Outfit Ideas HQ, we’re going to give you top scary costume for kids for this year’s celebration of terror and excitement.

Your kids can go with something cutesy but why not shock people with the most petrifying costume ever? Below are some crazy and spine-chilling Halloween costumes that you and the kids will love.


Soul Taker  Costume

top-scary-halloween-costumes-for-kids-1Your kid would definitely enjoy haunting fake graveyards and haunted houses with this soul taker costume. Though this scary Halloween costume comes with a ghostly screen printed robe with a see-through face and hood, you still need to purchase the other essentials to complete the costume like the gloves and scythe.


Fade In/Out Phantom Costume

top-scary-halloween-costumes-for-kids-1While the phantom is unknown but definitely not unseen, this scary Halloween costume for kids will make your kid fade in and out of the neighborhood. What even cooler about this costume is it includes a red light-up glasses that fade to black and then back. Your child will just wear this under the ghoulish see-through fabric mask then he’ll definitely scare the other kids when they see these creepy red eyes peering from the bushes.


Headless Costume

top-scary-halloween-costumes-for-kids-1This costume is what everybody’s nightmare consist of. While some kids will find this hilarious, this horrific Halloween costume will get a lot of attention and we’re pretty sure no one else will have anything like this. Headless, but definitely far from being dead.


Hazmat Hazard Jumpsuit Costume

top-scary-halloween-costumes-for-kids-1Zombie costumes will never go out of style every Halloween thanks to the popular TV shows like The Walking Dead, iZombie and the newest trending Korean zombie movie, Train to Busan. This scary Halloween costume is super creepy, everybody will love it. The mask pulls together the entire look.


Howling Horror Ghost Costume

top-scary-halloween-costumes-for-kids-1You don’t even have to send your child on a mission to scare the neighborhood because he will definitely enjoy and do it on his own. This terrorizing howling horror ghost costume brings a ghoulish appeal that nobody will ever forget.


Killer Clown Costume

top-scary-halloween-costumes-for-kids-1This is certainly not a regular circus clown. This terrifying killer clown costume for kids come alive straight from people’s worst nightmare, haunting you no matter where you go. Everybody will think this is super bloodcurdling and cool.


Rotten to the Core Costume

top-scary-halloween-costumes-for-kids-1This costume will scare the deadliest creature away for Halloween. Unleash the gates of hell by letting your kid’s inner creepy get out with this rotten to the core costume. It’s going to be the most frightening costume you and the others will ever see on Halloween night or kids costume party.


Zombie Girl Costume

top-scary-halloween-costumes-for-kids-8Your little girl can go on a flesh-eating fury in this creepy Halloween costume for kids as a zombie. With this costume, she can easily convert into a decaying and petrifying corpse. Just complete her look with some gory makeup then she’ll be ready for the Halloween horror.


Haunted Beauty Child Costume

top-scary-halloween-costumes-for-kids-1They said that true beauty is forever. Let your child show some spirit this Halloween in this pretty yet scary ghost costume. She’ll undeniably be the coolest spirit in school.


Edgy Vampire Costume

top-scary-halloween-costumes-for-kids-1Transform your kid into a vicious vampire in this incredible costume. This specific vampire child doesn’t like to be conventional when it comes to vampire traditions because she likes to hangout under the sun with her non-vampire friends. Complete her look with gory makeup as well as a teased hairstyle.


Zombie School Girl Costume

top-scary-halloween-costumes-for-kids-1Most little girls would like to become princesses and fairies on Halloween. If yours doesn’t and wants to rock a petrifying costume, then you shouldn’t certainly suggest that she goes as a zombie school girl. Is zombie apocalypse finally upon us?


It’s important that these kids would all get dressed and wear something unique so they will get extra trick-or-treat candies for the adults as well.

Which costume are you getting your kid for this year’s Halloween?


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