Factors to Consider When Buying Running Shoes

mens shoes 10Running and walking are some of the most natural forms of exercise. Most shoes made for them feel comfortable only when you’re standing in a shoe store trying it on, but the true test comes when you’re a couple of miles into your run.

Sometimes, it’s not always about the size, brand and style.

Typical running shoes should last between 400 to 500 miles of running, which is equivalent to three to four months for regular runners.
You should buy your shoes based on the way you run today and the way you want to run tomorrow.


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Don’t buy shoes on the basis of foot type. Many running shoe stores put emphasis on matching your foot type to the running shoes. Your feet bears no relationship with the way you actually run. To be sure, try some shoes on and run it around.


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Don’t buy shoes based on how you walk. Walking is different from running and when you choose your shoes, the basis shouldn’t be how they feel when you walk in them. If possible, you should go to a store which allows you to have a jog outside or run around their store.


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Don’t buy shoe features you don’t need. It’s safe to go for shoes that are neutral – those that don’t have excessive amount of control features or cushioning.


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Don’t rush into buying different shoes. Get new shoes only after 12 to 24 months, especially for those who are heavily running. It is only when you feel discomfort or tightness that you can get yourself a new pair.


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Don’t make shoes multitask. Walking shoes are stiffer and running shoes are more flexible. If you do both, get a pair of each one.


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Choose a firmer pair of shoes – not the cushiest pair. Cushioning can reduce your feel for the ground and will tend to lead to overall heavier landings as the body gets lazy. You should choose something that has a firmer feel and is not too thickly cushioned.


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If you’re running on rocky roads or trails, get shoes that are made for it. Go for shoes that has a good amount of rubber on the sole and with not too many gaps that wouldn’t allow a stone to get in.


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Shop toward the end of the day. Your feet swell during the course of the day and they expand when you run or walk. Go for shoes that should fit your feet when they’re at their largest.