Easy and Fun Ways to Add Corduroy to Your Everyday Ensemble

corduroy 1-Corduroy has been in and out of the runway, but it’s something that you come back to every once in a while. Who doesn’t like the texture and feel of corduroy?

If you want to add corduroy to your wardrobe and outfit but don’t know how, here are some fashionable yet basic ways to add the special fabric to your everyday ensemble.


corduroy 1Corduroy Skirt
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It’s the easiest way to add it. It makes your outfit look more girly and will give you ladylike silhouettes. They’re great if you want to add a girly touch into your outfit.


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Simply pair your corduroy skirt with a cotton blouse.


corduroy 3Corduroy Dress
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There is such thing. For those who doesn’t like having to mix and match an outfit to create a stylish look, just opt for a corduroy dress.


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It’s a great way to make the fabric look more girly. They’re very trendy come fall and winter so go ahead and sport one now.


corduroy 5Colored Corduroy
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Corduroy comes in different colors but most of us stick to brown or black. That was all the color they had back in the 90s.


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Modernize your look by sporting it in pink, teal, red and many more. There’s a color for everyone.


corduroy 7Sport a 90s look
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There are so many fun and stylish pieces in your wardrobe that you can mix and match to create a 90s-inspired outfit. For example, pair your corduroy skirt with a button down layered over a sweater vest, blazer and a trench coat then completing the look with preppy-print socks and high heels.


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For a casual vibe, try pairing your corduroy flared pants with a denim jacket and white tee and platform shoes.