Dressing Appropriately for Your Age

dressing appropriate for your age 1516

“No sleeveless blouses over 40. No miniskirts after 50. No big, bouncy curls.” No way!

Dressing your age is all about feeling comfortable in your own skin and working with what you’ve got. While we’re not encouraging the 50-something women to wear bodycon dresses, you can still look modern, fun and stylish while on the road to the golden years.

It mostly depends on what your clothes and how you look like. Balance everything out with your unique style and dressing up for your age.


13 years old – 16 years old

dressing appropriate for your age 1

You can sport all kinds of bright colors and loud prints. You will absolutely look great with sneakers, printed shirts, cute sweater, dresses and a lot more.


17 years old – 20 years old

dressing appropriate for your age 3

It’s during your 17-20s where you try to experiment with different styles. Don’t worry, you can still have fun with colors and prints, but instead of the loud ones, choose something in neutral colors. Body-hugging or any outfit too revealing is not yet for you since you’re still not at the right age to flaunt your body.

dressing appropriate for your age 2

If you look too young for your age, try to dress up in a more mature way like some classic neutrals and solid colors. It will be easy to wear lacy tops, buttoned-down shirts paired with printed pants, jeans or slacks. Since you want to look way more mature, stay away from graphic shirts, something with loud designs and any bright and extremely eye-catching items.


21 years old – 29 years old

dressing appropriate for your age 7

It’s during in your 20s that you start to experiment with your body’s silhouettes. Flaunt your curves by wearing a subtly sexy cutout dress that shows the right amount of skin.

dressing appropriate for your age 9

Invest in classic pieces that will never go out of style. It’s at this stage where you start to find your personal style.

dressing appropriate for your age 5

Also, it’s the time where you try to rock the clothes you’re afraid of wearing. A skintight dress perhaps? Know what looks good and bad on your body.



dressing appropriate for your age 4

Just because you’re in your 30s you can’t wear some of the hottest trends right now. You call pull off any look with prints on them, a dress that is classic and fits just right. Nothing too extreme.

dressing appropriate for your age 8

Mix modern and clean then has a twist. It’s at the latter of your 30s where you find yourself wanting to dress not-really younger but edgier.



dressing appropriate for your age 6

The older you get, the more confident you become when you embrace colors. A bold-colored dress that has a conservative silhouette is perfect at your age. You can add some tights if you’re too conscious of your legs.

dressing appropriate for your age 10

Also, it’s the time for you to wear suits. Not a man’s suit, but something that will fit you perfectly. You can choose edge pieces with the suit and not look like you’re going to work in that ensemble.



dressing appropriate for your age 13

By then, you could easily invest in quality outfits. Continue to stick to basic and tailored pieces. You can also wear something that’s trendy since at this age; you already know will look good on you.

dressing appropriate for your age 12

A smart blouse, a pair of pointy heels with smart pieces will look great together, making you look fresh and not at all old-fashioned.



dressing appropriate for your age 14

Skip the crazy accessories; instead, wear a look that has already embellishments or classic prints on them.

dressing appropriate for your age 11

Choose colors from birth stones. It’s timeless, classic and nobody’s going to judge you for that. Pair the dress with either nude heels or black heels.



dressing appropriate for your age 15

Just because you’re on your golden years, doesn’t mean you can’t sport prints and metallics. You can wear those while continuing to stick to classic pieces. Highlight the best part of your body.