The Do’s and Don’t of Selecting Clothes for Plus Size Girls

Having a plus size body is both a gift and a curse for most women, as some are blessed with creative juices on how to pull off the right clothes while others have more difficulty wearing the best clothes that accentuate their curves. And then there are some left who are just resigned to wearing basics, because of a lack of options. This post will highlight the list of dos and don’ts that every curvy woman must know about to stay on top of their style and fashion game.

Slowly but surely, the public has embraced plus size models, and they have helped empower full figured ladies in their quest for the best fashionable pieces to spice up their daily wardrobe. In fact, contrary to popular belief, men are more drawn towards women with full figures than skinny girls. Researchers state that it’s evident that “beauty is not entirely arbitrary, or ‘in the eyes of the beholder’ as many in a mainstream social science believes,” as reported by CNS Houston.

However, a curvy body can have its pros and cons. Not everyone is gifted with the knowledge on how to pick the right clothes. Even with plenty of articles written on how plus sized ladies should dress, not all clothing options are equal. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts you need to understand when selecting the best clothes for this particular demographic.

Do experiment

clothing tips for plus size girls

Flaunt those curves without any insecurity by dressing well. Wear the proper sized clothing that celebrates shapes than hide your figure. “It’s all about your comfort and that starts with a great fit,” says plus size retail website, Woman Within. By experimenting with clothes, you will be able to find the best ones that fit and accentuates your best assets, whether it’s your hips or chest.

Don’t choose monochromatic silhouettes

monochromatic silhouettes plus size

Leave the monochromatic silhouettes for the other seasons. Instead, opt for sexy floral patterns this spring and summer time. It brings out a sense of style, flair, and vibrancy.

Follow the trends

We all love to follow the latest fashion trends the industry’s top designers have to offer. But, given that not all body shapes are the same, most plus size women have difficulty knowing which ones they should keep in their closets. It’s best to stick to knowing the style trends for your size and curves to get the best advice. There are plenty of trends for spring and summer 2016 that fashion website, Dress Trends mentions, such as:

  • Pants with an extension from hips and those that are below the knee-lengthfollow the trends
  • Fabrics with special occasion flowersfabrics with special flowers
  • Knee-length dresses

knee length dresses

Don’t pick trends over comfort

dont pick trends over comfort

The general rule in plus size fashion remains the same. Take note that trends are for guidance alone. Comfort remains of paramount importance. So, pick comfort over any other factor when choosing your clothes, because if you feel good, generally, you’ll look good too.

Do check with straight–size stores

do check with straight size stores

Opt for straight size dresses by checking with online retail stores for any particular clothing lines that fit your size. Often, A-line dresses are must-haves, but some straight-size long gowns are also popular as they tend to accentuate your waistline.

Don’t go for small prints

dont go for small prints

Small and super tiny prints aren’t recommended for curvy ladies as it draws attention to some body parts that aren’t meant to draw attention to. Consider this tip: The larger the prints, the better, as it accentuates the best in you and brings energetic vibrancy compared to the former. But, keep the prints in uniform fashion, so they will only flaunt your best assets and not those you actually want to hide.

There have been plenty of articles and tips written about how a full figured woman should dress. However, never on how they should and should not mix and match their clothing daily to achieve the best results. We hope this article has given you some great ideas on how to choose the right plus size wardrobe for your closet. Stay tuned to Outfit Ideas HQ for tips and tricks about fashion and style in the coming months.

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