Cute Cardigan Outfit Ideas You Can Copy for Next Week

Every woman surely owns a cardigan. It’s one of those basic pieces that would look extremely stylish in so many wardrobe pieces you already own. Unfortunately, cardigans aren’t made equally, which means it could sometimes go with this outfit then won’t do well with another outfit.

In the past, cardigans had a bad reputation. That’s only because many people didn’t know how to style them properly.

When styled properly, this can pull together your entire look. Below are some outfit ideas you can wear with cute cardigans and maybe you can even copy them for your outfits next week.

Cardigan outfit with white spaghetti strap top, printed trousers, nude heels


Here’s a stylish ensemble you can copy for next week’s work day. A plain white top with printed trousers. You’ll definitely look taller and chicer in nude pumps.

Midi dress, belted cardigan

Add a belt over your dress and cardigan to give your ensemble a nice shape, making you look fit and flattering.

Long cardigan, brown boots, denim jeans


If you feel like you’re feeling bloated, a long cardigan is very helpful for your outfit. Instead of wearing your usual sweater to keep you warm, a long cardigan will protect you from the cold as well as will help cover bulges you wanna hide.

Black denim jeans. laced boots


A long cardigan is the perfect choice if you want to create a stylish look as well as a very cozy and warm ensemble. Finish it off with black leggings and boots then you’re good to go.

Scarf, graphic tee, leggings

When in doubt for the weekend, just pair your cardigan with leggings, graphic tee and wedge boots.

Longline cardigan, distressed jeans, suede boots


Just because you’re wearing a long cardigan, doesn’t mean you’re going to be wearing plain, dull colors. You can add it as a nice splash of color or to finish off your look to make an ensemble look more pulled together. It will easily balance your outfit.

Ripped-knee jeans and wedge boots

The cut of the cardigan shouldn’t be shapeless, just because you’re wearing a long cardigan. A cardigan like the one above adds shape to the body.

Bandeau top and wrap skirt


Use a cardigan to cover up your outfit if you feel like you’re revealing too much skin.



An instant pop of color or pattern is needed to complete your cardigan outfit. The drapey lapels will create nice long lines up and down your figure.

Black skinny jeans

cardigan-outfit-ideas-women-1Wear your cardigan with dark pants to elongate your silhouette making you look figure-flattering.

Plain white shirt and scarf


When wearing a long cardigan, make sure your top is shorter. The contrasts in length will never be flattering. One simple way to wear your cardigan is by pairing it with a plain white tee. Complete your look with denim jeans.

How do you wear your cardigan?

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