Conservative Outfit Ideas (With a Twist!) for Interviews

They said that dressing conservatively for a job interview means your look should be more traditional and more controlled in style.

But not everyone can pull off a boring two-piece suit in black, grey or burgundy, or a dark, boring pantsuit.

Here are a few conservative outfit ideas for your interview. Make sure to do your research on the company you’re applying because not all companies hiring believe in wearing anything fashionable to the office.

conservative outfit ideas for interview 1

Go for a clean look.

This crochet lace blouse in apricot matches with anything. Its style is simple but comfortable and trendy. Top it with a versatile jacket to keep you warm and a pair of white harem pants. Complete your minimalist and urban chic aesthetic ensemble with white suede stiletto heels.

conservative outfit ideas for interview 3

Corporate on the dot!

Every woman must have a nice fitting blazer in their closet. Next, a tailored peplum jacket. It’s perfect for any type of corporate setting. Instead of wearing a plain white top, go for a polka dot polo blouse. Nothing screams formal than a black high waist pencil skirt.

If you’re wearing perfume to an interview, be sure to spray just a little bit on your wrist. You don’t need strong scents because some people have sensitive noses and it can be very offensive. You would want just a hint of perfume and not trying to hint you showered with the entire bottle.

conservative outfit ideas for interview 4

We all know black is such a formal color. We could switch that up a bit. If you love pastels more than black, go for a pastel ruffled crepe jacket. Make sure they have padded shoulders to give it a more professional look. Also, your jacket must be the same color as your pencil skirt. Underneath your jacket, you could wear a black top, could be a bandage crop top, and because you won’t leave the buttons of your jacket opened.

Go for darling and ladylike pumps for a feminine vibe. Add a cute necklace and bracelet then you’re good to go.

This can also be worn during the night, just take off the jacket.

conservative outfit ideas for interview 9

Go for a lace inset shirt, solid green crepe and notch-detailed jacket and a brown suit skirt to wear to your interview. When you think of conservative, think of hiding certain areas that need to be hidden.

conservative outfit ideas for interview 5

Having a good blazer other than black is essential. It’s a great piece to wear for different seasons. You can wear it with your favorite jeans or it can be a cover-up for your dress.

For the interview, pair it with a white button up shirt and black slacks. Use nude leather pumps for a stylish alternative to Mary Janes.

conservative outfit ideas for interview 2

Mix corals into your corporate look.

Find a top that gives out a pop of color to a perennially cool stripe and classic-tailored, straight and wide-leg trousers that gives a midrise fit.

One can never go wrong with black patent leather stilettos.

conservative outfit ideas for interview 6

Another conservative idea to wear for your interview is a cream silk blouse that is loose fit, a bit oversized and has a stylish bow that emphasizes the neck line. You can balance out the voluminous silhouette top with black wide-leg pants. It’s also a traditional add-on to your office wardrobe. Add patent-trimmed leather pumps for a modern trace.

conservative outfit ideas for interview 7

For a change, wear a top with wide shoulder straps and square neckline that has sharp edges, giving out a geometric feel and a white tuxedo jacket that is figure-fit. Team it with brown wide-leg trousers and faux python-textured high heel pumps.

conservative outfit ideas for interview 8

This cream lace pencil dress screams elegance – perfect for formal occasions. Wear ivory and black pumps with gold linings for a more fashionable look.

Keep your accessories at a minimum—drops and bubble-shaped choker necklaces, black bangles and black earrings.

conservative outfit ideas for interview 10

You can wear a stretch-silk blouse with embroidered beading. It’s very chic and bold. Over it, wear a black tuxedo jacket that has a half tuxedo lapel and long sleeves. The tuxedo jacket is ideal for layering pieces for any transitional attire. For your skirt, look for a velvet pencil skirt in black.

You could wear beige stilettos that are not too high.

Wearing a watch to an interview shows that you’re a responsible person for having a timepiece, meaning, you keep track of a lot of things. So, instead of having to look at your mobile for the time, invest in a good watch. It gives good impressions and of course, a staple fashion piece.