Cinco de Mayo Outfit Ideas

cinco de mayo outfit ideas 11Did you get yourself invited to a Cinco de Mayo party? If it’s your first time going, here’s a brief background of what you’re celebrating.

Cinco de Mayo is a yearly commemoration of the Battle of Puebla where 4,000 Mexican farmers turned soldiers defeated 6,000 professional French armies where they forced France to leave their country. Every year, they celebrate their independence day with parades, fireworks, folk dancing and many more. The streets will be filled with shouts of “VIVA MEXICO”. If you’re going to be in Mexico by the 5th of May, then you may be in for a treat.

You might not be taking part in reenactments of the battle but instead drinking margaritas and eating chips at the local Mexican restaurant, maybe your Mexican friend is throwing a party or maybe you’re doing the whole spring break in Mexico, whichever you’re attending, you must certainly look great and festive.


cinco de mayo outfit ideas 1When you’re heading to the south-western part of the US and mostly in Mexico, there will be participants who will reenact the Battle of Puebla. It is done in a parade through the streets.


cinco de mayo outfit ideas 3Here’s a look which has an authentic-feeling to it. There’s no need to splurge on such expensive and legit authentic Mexican dresses. Just improvise.


cinco de mayo outfit ideas 4If you’re heading to a Mexican party, wear something casual yet festive—a grey tank top with Mexican puns/statement, a bright orange pencil skirt then wedges because they’re super comfy and stylish. Don’t forget your sombrero.


cinco de mayo outfit ideas 5Women often wear the traditional colors of Mexico during Independence Day. It’s mostly green, white and red in skirts and long sleeves but you can go with orange, blue and bold prints and patterns.


cinco de mayo outfit ideas 6It’s alright to fully dress you from head to toe. Nobody’s going to judge you for wearing too much because everybody else is doing it.


cinco de mayo outfit ideas 7It’s a great opportunity to show your creativity and become as outlandish as you please. Easily mix and match whatever you feel like doing even when it’s two bright colors making you look like color puked on you.


cinco de mayo outfit ideas 8You’re most likely going to find Mexican-inspired clothes in vintage stores and thrift stores. Also, what better way to sport a unique look than creating your own.


cinco de mayo outfit ideas 9Cinco de Mayo has dances. If you can’t find a pair of clogs, it would be best to wear something comfortable as footwear since you’re going to do a lot of dancing to celebrate the special day.


cinco de mayo outfit ideas 10When it comes to accessories, it’s also advisable to go all-out. Go crazy with hair accessories like a floral headband, then colorful bangle cuffs and bracelets, ribbons, lace and many others. Make yourself standout.


cinco de mayo outfit ideas 2When it comes to being festive, just remember one thing – be vibrant and fun in everything you do. “VIVA MEXICO!!”