Channeling Your Inner Blair Waldorf – Preppy Outfit Ideas

When you think of preppy, what does the first thing that comes to your mind? If your answer is Gossip Girl, you’re one of the few thousands that think Blair Waldorf, Serena van Der Woodsen and company are the queens of preppy fashion.

I think the new generation of preppy fashion came directly from that hit series. Here are a few preppy outfit ideas to live your dream of having a “scandalous life of Manhattan’s elite”.

preppy outfit ideas 1

This outfit definitely screams Blair Waldorf. We have her signature purse and eyewear, her blouse with a ribbon, her skirt and blazer and don’t forget her hair styled in a clean manner.

Blair Waldorf usually wears Mary Jane high heels but for topsiders are okay as well.

preppy outfit ideas 2

Preppy girls usually wear thin cardigans with plaid or checked patterns, or anything that has a bold and retro look. They close it until the top button and stick out their collar from the dress or blouse underneath it.

preppy outfit ideas 3

It doesn’t matter if the skirt is A-line, pencil-cut or skater skirts. These are important must-haves in every preppy girl’s closet. Wearing fantastic skirts gives out a sophisticated Gossip Girl-esque inspired wardrobe.

It’s important to have a mix of plain colors and patterned styles for limitless versatility.

preppy outfit ideas 4

Statement necklaces are perfect for putting glam into basic tops. There are so many ways this little piece of jewelry can instantly amp up your look from simple to edgy.

preppy outfit ideas 5

One signature piece of a preppy girl is her coat or jacket. It’s important to invest in a good coat or jacket to give us that luxurious and stunning style. Besides, these types of clothing will keep us warm during cold autumn days.

preppy outfit ideas 6

Making an outfit transform from “good” to “wow” is by adding a skinny belt around your waist.

Skinny belts are subtler than thick belts. They won’t overpower the other elements on your entire outfit. These belts will also accentuate your curves and make you look more flattering.

preppy outfit ideas 7

Blazers look absolutely lovely over sheath dresses. Blazers are essential and having at least one that fits you perfectly will be helpful in the future – for upcoming formal events and the like.

Pair a chambray shirt or any shirt with some colored pants. Add the blazer and complete the look with comfortable flats or statement accessories.

preppy outfit ideas 8

A preppy girl has a lot of button down blouses in different colors, apart from girly blouses.

She pairs it with her trusty old white trousers and handbag.

preppy outfit ideas 9

Preppy girls normally don’t wear overalls, but when they do, they wear it with a cute pastel blazer and some chic heels.

preppy outfit ideas 10

You should never underestimate the proper feminine look of a girly button-down blouse tucked into a midi skirt. You can wear it with socks and Mary Jane heels or a cute pair of wedge, if you prefer.

preppy outfit ideas 11

Seriously, Serena van der Woodsen would wear something like this. She’s more of a trousers type of girl.

Wide trousers give an illusion of longer legs.

preppy outfit ideas 12

Classic-looking sweaters will make you look posh and chic.

The structured mini skirt has a raw edge trim in it and it gives a flattering high rise. It will look good with a chunky knit sweater. A beautiful addition to any type of fall outfit.

preppy outfit ideas 13

To complete the preppy girl look, you must style your hair in the girliest way possible. Put it in braids, complicated braids, neat waves or curls, add headbands, Swarovski head pieces like Blair’s, bows, anything that will make you look super girly.