Business-Ready Parkas for Men to Wear Over a Suit

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Wearing a parka over your suit doesn’t scream “I can’t afford a nicer-looking jacket” but instead, “When I’m not climbing the coldest mountains, I hold down a desk job.”


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Parka is a blizzard beater. It’s one thing that can make hopping to snow-filled cities endurable.


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Invest in a gray parka. It’s a neutral color that will look great over your suit, giving your ensemble a sophisticated vibe.


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When you want something that’s techy-looking, all you need is this parka. Wear this with your sharp suit then you don’t have to worry about being cold and unstylish for the season.


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Don’t forget about khaki parkas. It’s another stylish take on the season’s color trend.


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Get yourself one of the waterproof parkas as well, something that might look like you’re going to Aspen because of its thickness and heaviness.


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Another color you should get yourself is a winter-white parka jacket. It goes with just about anything and will look great for weekend wear also.


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Choose a parka that is huge but gives out function and style.


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This parka coat will totally save your cold bum for the season.


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The parka is for someone who isn’t ready for a fur-trimmed collar.


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When it comes to color, say goodbye to the usual black because navy is the new black.