Best Moisturizers for All Skin Types

best moisturizers for all skin types 9Looking for your Holy Grail moisturizer that is guaranteed not to break you out? We have rounded out moisturizers for all skin types.

If you’re worried of applying moisturizer to an oily skin, never fear. Being oily means you need the moisture just as much. Your skin is producing more oil to balance it out.


best moisturizers for all skin types 1CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM

This moisturizer has niancinamide, ceramides and hyaluronic acid that will help in adding moisture to your skin. Plus, it has SPF 30 to protect your skin from the sun. This moisturizer won’t feel heavy because it’s more of a light and silky face moisturizer. No need to be afraid of clogging your pores because this moisturizer won’t.


best moisturizers for all skin types 2Mary Kay TimeWise Age-Fighting Moisturizer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30

This is a perfect moisturizer that will help in combating aging and the sun. It feels light, creamy, refreshing and won’t cause you any breakouts. Even if you have sensitive skin, Timewise won’t feel stinging. It also doesn’t have a scent and that’s always a plus.


best moisturizers for all skin types 3Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream

One reason why everyone loves Olay is because their stuff actually works. Regenerist has peptide-B3 complex, niacinamide, vitamin E and green-tea extracts that will replenish, repair and renew your tired skin. Before going to bed, slather this on freshly cleaned and toned skin.


best moisturizers for all skin types 4Clinique Superdefense Daily Defense Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20

This particular moisturizer feels amazing and lovely. It’s thick and creamy and penetrates your skin instantly. The high SPF in this moisturizer is also important.


best moisturizers for all skin types 5The Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer SPF 30

This smells heavenly, also, a great moisturizer even for oily skinned gals. It’s light, moisturizing, doesn’t feel greasy at all and in the long run, your skin will look brighter, rosier and will give that special glow.


best moisturizers for all skin types 6Clarins Bright Plus HP Protective Day Lotion SPF 20

This is one of those moisturizers that really do make your face brighter. The level of hydration you’ll get is absolutely perfect with a comfortable feel. Also, this moisturizer is said to help in diminishing acne marks and freckles.


best moisturizers for all skin types 7Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

If you want something that’s less pricey but with a brightening effect, this Garnier moisturizer is the one for you. say goodbye to your dull, tired and splotchy skin since this will deliver a radiant complexion and will lighten spots and evens out your skin tone. It also has vitamin C which promotes collagen production.


best moisturizers for all skin types 8Artistry Time Defiance Skin Refinishing Lotion

This moisturizer will make your skin feel like a baby’s bottom. It feels like velvet with softness and firmness. It also gets rid of dead skin and you will for sure see the results.