Beauty Secrets of Iconic Beauties

classic iconic women secrets 10Haven’t you noticed that no matter what year it is, the classy chic looks of women from decades ago never go out of style? These stunning ladies that we could never forget – Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and many others. For many years, they have been admired, until this day, where we believe that the style of their generation is simply more elegant and classy than this generation’s.

You want to know what these beauties’ secrets are. Scroll down below to know more.


classic iconic women secrets 8By highlighting your assets and knowing what’s good on you, will instantly achieve that classy and timeless look every woman wants to conquer.


classic iconic women secrets 1

Twiggy emerged in the fashion industry because of her looks and big, beautiful eyes. Her eyes were what she highlighted, carrying eye drops whenever her eyes were red, lots and lots of mascara, false eyelashes and white eyeliner emphasizes the eyes to make it look bigger.


classic iconic women secrets 2Jackie achieved healthy and smooth hair by wrapping her hair in a silk scarf before going to bed. By doing that, it reduced the damage of styling her hair and protected it from her cotton sheets. Applying oil into the tips of your hair could achieve supple locks of your own.


classic iconic women secrets 3Audrey Hepburn kept her skin perfect by doing a twice-a-week steam facial by standing over the sink for two minutes with a towel draped over the head to trap the steam and open the pores then using an exfoliate like the Peter Lamas Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub rubbing for about 50 seconds then rinsing with cool water to close the pores.


classic iconic women secrets 4Who could forget about Elizabeth Taylor’s statement thick, arched eyebrows? If you’re not so good with brows, we highly suggest you let a professional do it then all you have to do is just maintain your brows on your own.


Grace Kelly 1954Grace Kelly believed that a woman’s age shows on her hand much quicker than anywhere else. So she uses a good exfoliator and hand moisturizer to keep her hands from becoming dry and old-looking.


classic iconic women secrets 6Did you know how Bianca Jagger seduced rock royalty Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones? She applied a little bit of lipstick into her naturally pouty lips then a bit of smudged eyeliner then kept her face simple and plain. She made her lips and eyes do all the talking.


classic iconic women secrets 7Diana Ross isn’t Diana Ross without natural curly and skimpy hair. She wanted her hair as big as her personality. Hair like hers was always hard to maintain so all she did was applied hydrating styling cream when her hair was still damp, then left it to dry. Here comes the hard part – they used to use 1-inch curling iron to create curls then just misting it with hairspray. We wonder how long that would always take.