Bachelorette Party Outfit Ideas and Etiquettes

Wedding season is nearing. I know you’ve got some of your invites already. All you need to attend now is your bestie’s bachelorette party.

There are some brides who decide where and how to celebrate her last remaining months of singlehood. But if she left the planning to you, you need to be prepared with cash – because as a bridesmaid or maid-of-honor, it is you who will be covering the tab for the bride. Actually, it is you and the other bridesmaids.

When you know you’re invited to a wedding and appointed as one of the bridesmaids, you must save a few months before the bachelorette party. Some brides could actually split the tab with the others. But just in case she doesn’t, at least you saved up a few extra cash from a few months ago.

It’s all about the bride-to-be’s night. Some guests seem to forget about this. It’s not supposed to be what they want to do. They shouldn’t make the festivities about them. Ask the bride what she wants and if she says it’s all up to the bridesmaids, then plan something you know she likes.

They said that bringing a gift to a bachelorette party is not really necessary. You’re most likely to pay for your own transportation, meal, hotels and covering costs for the bachelorette party so I believe it’s already a pretty savvy gift.

The thing about parties is that most people drink to the extent until they can’t see hold it up anymore. So they end up throwing up most of it in the restroom and forget about the bride who’s probably the only one sober. Besides, when you’re too drunk, you forget things and will have difficulties remembering what happened the previous night. You don’t want to deal with a hangover and miss the other happenings for the day. A few cocktails would have to do and celebrating one of your best friend’s bachelorette parties is something you’d never want to cherish for the rest of your life.

If two opposing social circles were invited to the party, chances are there could be disagreements. So instead of creating some drama on someone’s special party, keep your feelings and complaints to yourself.

Dressing up for a bachelorette’s party mainly depends on where you’re actually going, whether it’d be to a night club, a party bus, or even a spa weekend. One thing you just have to remember is that the bride-to-be WILL BE WEARING WHITE, which means you can’t wear white. Choose something cute, sexy and not something you’d regret the following day.

So make sure to pack and plan things before heading to the celebration and doing whatever is on the agenda.

Not so sure on what to wear to an epic bachelorette party? We’ve got you covered. Scroll down below to see a few outfits you’d totally look great in.

bachelorette outfit ideas 1

Cute and dainty nude outfit. Classy.

bachelorette outfit ideas 2

A red jumpsuit with gold accents.

bachelorette outfit ideas 3

Mixing and matching different patterns. Isn’t the blending of the colors lovely?

bachelorette outfit ideas 4

Fern and floral dress for a sunny day itinerary.

bachelorette outfit ideas 5

Striped top and solid-colored bottom. Simple yet fashionable.

bachelorette outfit ideas 6

Sexy mint green lace dress. Show off those legs.

bachelorette outfit ideas 7

Not comfortable with a dress? Try wearing high-waisted trousers and a cropped top.

bachelorette outfit ideas 8

Bold top and sheer checkered skirt.

bachelorette outfit ideas 9

Black ribbon cropped top and leopard-printed skirt.

bachelorette outfit ideas 10

Light gray dress with an interesting style. Be bold.

bachelorette outfit ideas 11

Going to a fairly formal bachelorette party? A little black with high-low skirt is perfect for that sexy yet girly look.