The Absolutely Best Ways To Wear Cropped Jeans

There is something new and interesting happening with denim – cropped jeans. No, they are not the ankle-length skinny jeans or old-school capris or even boyfriend jeans. The trending cropped jeans are relatively skinny and flared at the end. They look kind of retro and kind of confusing, almost as if you threw them in the dryer and they shrank but you had nothing else to wear so you just decided to go with it, but in a good way? Does that make sense? Anyway, cropped jeans are in, and they might be a little bit of a style risk, but they are also very cool like most style risks are. This spring, why not try a cropped jeans. Here are some ways you can wear a cropped jeans.

You Can Wear a Cropped Jeans with a Leather Jacket

cropped jeans with leather jacket

It’s easy to pull together this outfit. You will look trendy in this too. Make this your go-to outfit for the weekends. All you need is a pair of cropped boyfriend-style jeans, a sweatshirt, and easy sneakers. Throw on a patterned scarf to pull your look together, and you’re dressed for all your casual errands. To add an extra layer of warmth, just pull on a biker-style, black leather jacket.

Cropped Jeans and Cardigan

cropped jeans with cardigan

What could be easier than jeans and a cardigan sweater, when you’re kicking back with your girlfriends? You’ll look cute and feel comfortable in cropped, distressed ankle-length jeans, a soft tee-shirt, and a neutral cardigan. To dress this look up a bit, simply add a long chain necklace and a carry-all satchel in a structured shape. Wear this look with flat ankle boots or your favorite sneakers, for go-anywhere casual style.

Try Cropped Denim with a Simple Top

cropped denim with a simple top

Cropped jeans look great with a simple top and heels. Add a cozy plaid scarf to stay warmer for the fall weather.

High-Waisted Cropped Jeans

high waisted cropped jeans

If you’re worried about the length making your legs look shorter, choose a high-waisted pair to elongate them.

Cropped Jeans with Sweater

cropped denim with sweater

Stay super casual and comfortable with a cozy sweater and a pair of sneakers.

Cropped Jeans and Pastel Blazer

crpped denim with pastel blazer

Want to impress your sweetie’s parents? Show up looking sweetly put together, but not overdressed in lightly distressed ankle jeans and a pretty blazer in a pastel hue. Designer-look sunglasses and a neat tote bag add polish to this grown-up look in cropped jeans. I’ve styled this outfit with basic sneakers, but you could swap them for nude high heels if you want a dressier style.

Cropped Jeans and a White Shirt

cropped denim with white shirt

For casual Fridays at work, you’ll never look wrong in slim-fitting, dark-wash ankle jeans with a crisp white button-down shirt. Add a statement necklace for visual interest and carry a fun tote in an exotic animal pattern that says you’re not stuffy. You could wear this look with the usual office pumps. For transitional seasons, layer on a cocoon-style wool coat in a trendy, cool pastel hue.

Wear Your Copped Denim with Ankle Boots

cropped denim with ankle boots

You can also pair your coolest ankle boots with cropped jeans so they get shown off. From there, keep it simple with neutral shades and a sweatshirt.

Wear Your Copped Denim with Flat Sandals

cropped denim with flat sandals

Alternatively, if you live in a warm climate, you may choose flat sandals and a crop top. It’s a cute and easy look that always works.

Cropped Jeans for a Night Out

cropped jeans for a night out

We’re huge fans of jeans on a night out. Not only are they fuss-free and crazy comfortable, but it’s no biggie if the drinks start to fly. Dress up your denim with a luxe outer layer, like a faux fur-trimmed topper and statement-making shoes, followed up by an unexpected button-down and bralette combo. Bold embroidery is definitely a must. Complete the look with an eye-catching clutch and a red lip.

Cropped Jeans in Two Different Lengths

cropped jeans in diffent lengths

This one is a genius. Why not choose a cooler pair of cropped jeans, like ones with two different lengths. This experiment is sure to make you stand out.

Cropped Jeans with Tall Boots

cropped jeans with tall boots

The best way to make cropped pants work in winter is by hiding the fact that they are cropped. Since both styles are skinny, they’ll slide into a pair of tall boots quite nicely. Layers will also add to the wintry feel; a boyfriend blazer, sweater coat, or wrap will hide your hips in a seasonally appropriate fashion and the boots keep your figure from being too top heavy.

All Black Cropped Jeans

black cropped jeans

The all black cropped jeans look is fantastic. Wear a black top, black hat and black boots with your black denim. You may want to carry a black bag with you as well, or a white one for contrast.

Cropped Jeans with Leather Jacket – Another Look

cropped jeans with leather jacket

With flat mules, a hat, and a leather jacket, your cropped jeans are ready for transitional weather, when it’s cold in the morning and warmer during the day.

Cropped Jeans with Cardigan – Another Look

cropped jeans with cardigan

Make frayed hem cropped jeans look more feminine with a knit cardigan and a floral top.

The All Cropped Look

all cropped look

Another option is to try this distressed cropped denim with a cropped top. It’s sure to make you look smart and trendy.

Cropped Jeans Cut Look

cropped jeans cut look

Make your cropped jeans more unique by cutting a little line down the middle of the hem. Add platform sandals if the weather permits it for an edgy but trendy look.

Cropped Jeans with Denim Top

cropped jeans with denim top

Wear your cropped jeans in style with a denim shirt or jacket. It looks fabulous. But make sure that your denim is in a lighter shade.