7 Stylish Ways to Wear a Beanie

This winter, the preferred hat of choice from celebs to street style stars has been the beanie. And for good reasons too! From neutral knits to bold neons, beanies not only keep you warm, they also complete your look. From the super preppy Ralph Lauren to the more relaxed Baja East, we saw beanies at all of the major shows last season. Judging from the Fall of 2015 collection, they won’t be going away any time soon.

Here are a few stylish ways you can wear a beanie right now.

The Usual

conventional beanie

Got a basic, fitted, run-of-the-mill beanie? The easiest way to wear it is over your forehead and on a downward angle to the back of your head, covering your ears. It’s fuss free and simple and should keep you warm. Wear it without cuffing. The front should rest just above your eyebrows.

Keep It Natural

beanie natural look

When it comes to how to wear a beanie, you have got to consider your hair as well. Most people tend to wear their hair out when wearing a beanie. They do this for a good reason – to keep it simple and stylish. Keeping things natural also means you won’t have to worry about styling when you take your beanie off.

With a Braid

beanie with braid

If you want your hair secured when you are wearing the beanie, then try a loose side braid. This is particularly good for those windy days. When you have to take it off, just untie the braid and comb your fingers through for natural looking waves.

With Bangs

beanie with bangs

If you have got bangs, there are plenty of options for styling the beanie. With full bangs, wear the beanie a bit further back on your head so that your bangs aren’t flattened down on your forehead. You could also try sweeping your bangs to one side, allowing them to peek out from the front of your beanie. Finally, if you are having trouble with your bangs, simply push them back so they are not showing.


beanie with slouch

Also consider the style. Some beanies are closely cropped while others can be a bit more slouchy. Slouchy styles are perfect for working a cool off-duty look. You can wear them pushed back on your head with the back of the beanie loose and left to slouch.


folded beanie

If your beanie is a longer, slouchier style but you want a closer fit, all you have to do is just fold it up. Try the single fold. It’s a no fuss look that’s sure to stay put. This single cuff style is great for bad hair days and casual office settings. Cuff the beanie once and wear on the top of your head, with the beanie resting halfway down your ears.

Make It Stand Out

beanie with fun pattern

Try styles that stand out easily. It could be a fun pattern or bold color. Right now, you can’t go past a red-orange beanie for a statement accessory. It’s the perfect way to brighten up a plain outfit.