32 Ideas for Men’s Suspenders Fashion

Need outfit ideas to wear with men’s suspenders? Look no further! Here is a monster resource page with 32 ideas for men’s suspender fashion.

Men’s suspenders can either be a hit or a miss. There are many ways you can wear suspenders and in many colors also. Suspenders usually give off that snazzy, trendy, casual, hipster look, but it can also achieve that sexy business attire look if you play your suits right. Let’s look below to see how to achieve certain kinds of looks.

mens suspenders fashion 21. This guy is sporting a gray dress shirt with brown printed fabric suspenders. The colors go well together and achieve a sort of trendy semi-formal attire.

mens suspenders fashion 32. This guy looks awesome in his green stripped suspenders outfit. With the hat, it looks like an outfit a musician or artist would wear. Definitely not for your average business meeting, but definitely for a fun date.

mens suspenders fashion 43. This guy’s outfit is classy vintage and traditional. With a white dress shirt, dark dress pants, and a light tan set of thin suspenders, this model is achieving that classy, sexy look like you see in farms. Great for graduation pictures, going out on a casual date, or semi-formal occasion.

mens suspenders fashion 54. What a neat, classy outfit! The jacket and pants match, worn with a set of bowling shoes, a bowtie, and suspenders, this model is about to go on the funnest date in his life!

mens suspenders fashion 65. Classy traditional/vintage look. The dark thin suspenders go well with the color of the vest and bow tie. Worn with a white dress shirt to avoid clashing of colors. Nice and awesome look!

mens suspenders fashion 76. A simple look achieved with construction boots, rolled up skinny jeans, a denim button up dress shirt, and thin dark suspenders. Great for any everyday, casual, fashionable outing.

mens suspenders leather fashion 87. These skinny leather suspenders go well with a pair of red pants and blue shirt.With a tie tucked into the shirt, this outfit achieves a fashionable unique look.

mens suspenders fashion 98. Color of the day: Blue! Rock this outfit with blue pants, a blue dress shirt with a white collar, gray tie, and thick blue suspenders. Wear thick suspenders to make yourself look smaller and thin suspenders to make yourself look bigger.

mens suspenders fashion 109. Nice country style look with medium width suspenders, jeans, and a dress shirt.

mens suspenders fashion 1110. The thin suspenders are great for achieving a club attire/hipster look. Coupled with a plaid dress shirt, you’ll sure be heading straight for that young hipster style.

mens leather suspenders fashion 1211. Okay, honestly, the skinny leather suspenders only go well with this outfit because of the red pants. But without it, the suspenders will look off. In my opinion, I think this outfit would look better with a pair of dark pants and a tie, to make it look more formal. But the red pants and leather suspenders give a good hipster style look that can’t be achieved with anything else.

mens leather suspenders fashion 1312. A nice country style look, this man wears gray jeans, a red plaid dress shirt, and thin leather suspenders. Great for a trendy, country, vintage look.

mens suspenders fashion 1413. This man has a white dress shirt, thin gray suspenders, and a blue polka dotted tie. Great for weddings and other formal occasions.

mens suspenders fashion 1514. A nice business attire style with thick black suspenders.

mens suspenders fashion 1615. A vintage look with stripped thick suspenders and a special printed tie.

mens suspenders fashion 1716. A nice club attire, vintage looking outfit with thick red suspenders and a red tie. Wear with dark pants and a white dress shirt.

mens suspenders fashion 1817. The club, hipster looking outfit is achieved with the thin suspenders. Coupled with a bow tie and the usual: dark pants and a white dress shirt, this outfit is a mix between formal and hipster.

mens suspenders fashion 1918. Musician style with the yellow hat, thin suspenders, and blue short sleeved shirt halfway buttoned. Very artistic.

mens suspenders fashion 2019. Simple and vintage looking. Dark pants with a patterned tan short sleeved shirt and dark thin suspenders. You can add more flair to this outfit by adding a dark colored bow tie matching the pants and suspenders.

mens suspenders fashion 2120. Nerd style with black thin suspenders and a black bow tie. Looks great in weddings and formal occasions.

mens suspenders fashion 2221. The ultimate business, formal attire. Thick suspenders, dark colored tie, and dark colored pants with a light colored dress shirt. Looking like the boss already!

mens suspenders fashion 2322. This picture looks like a scene off a movie, like the guy is looking up at the clouds or at a girl and waiting for something to happen. The colors in his outfit go together quite nicely. The pants and suspenders match, with the bow tie being the accent of the whole outfit. The pants and suspenders also match the doggie!

mens suspenders fashion 2423. A hipster, vintage, club attire look. Red shoes, rolled up dark blue jeans, leather braided belt buckle suspenders, and a bow tie matching the color of the dress shirt.

mens suspenders fashion 2524. A nice, trendy, country style look. Light colored pants, printed dress shirt, belt suspenders, and a nice blue jacket.

mens suspenders fashion 2625. A quite nerdy look, this outfit includes black pants, a pink polka dotted tie, blue medium width suspenders, and a checkered blue shirt.

mens suspenders fashion 2726. Nice vintage and photo worthy outfit. Thin gray suspenders, blue polka dotted tie, and blue pants matching the color of the tie.

mens suspenders fashion 2827. A trendy, club attire, hipster look. Thin red and blue suspenders, black pants, and a dress shirt with sleeves rolled up halfway.

mens suspenders fashion 2928. The white dress shirt, dark pants, and thick suspenders give a nice wedding look, or a style as if the guy was going on a date.

mens suspenders fashion 3029. Country style attire. Khaki pants, blue denim dress shirt, belt suspenders, and a girl leaning on your back kissing your cheek. Can’t get any better than that, bro.

mens suspenders fashion 3130. Hipster musician style attire. Red bow tie, black vest, red suspenders, and black jeans. Great for concerts or casual outings.

mens suspenders fashion 3231. Hipster style with the black jeans, purple and blue plaid shirt, and thick black and white suspenders.

mens suspenders fashion32. A nice vintage style look with thin black suspenders, blue jeans, and a blue dress shirt. Top it off with a hat and you’re good to go!

Tips for Wearing Suspenders:

  1. Don’t wear a belt with suspenders.
  2. Thicker suspenders for more formal occasions, and thin suspenders for more casual hipster styles.
  3. Keep the colors simple. Contrast the color of your suspenders from the color of your shirt.

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