Top 31 Best Ice Skating Outfits to Wear on Ice

ice skating outfits 31

This turtleneck sweater dress outfit with black boots is just perfect for ice skating.

ice skating outfits 30

We love sweater dresses with leggings, thigh high boots. Try this yellow sleeve dress with black tights & high black boots.

ice skating outfits 29

The coolest ever ice skating outfits. This awesome outfit will keep you cozy and warm.

ice skating outfits 28

This black pleated mini skirt street style and knitted off shoulder loose sweater is perfect for a casual outing.

ice skating outfits 27

Wrap a scarf around you, and carry an oversized bag. The long sleeve knit dress will keep you warm and cozy.

ice skating outfits 26

Leggings and flannel outfits always work for figure skating. Leggings are not pants, but they can still look chic if styled correctly!

ice skating outfits 25

You may go for the semi-formal look too if you are wondering what to wear for ice skating. This is an elegant and original look. Collar is the best.

ice skating outfits 24

The white and black contrast look for ice skating and shoes with heels. Teens, girls, women… everyone looks good in this outfit idea.

ice skating outfits 23

It is getting darker now with this outfit and its perfect for that sexy appeal. The matching nail adds zing.

ice skating outfits 20

Look stylish with a green parka. You can be boho and casual at the same time. Wear cropped black pants, a white t-shirt, a denim shirt and a green parka. The essential accessories are suede booties in medium heel and a black fedora hat which is the symbol of boho style.

ice skating outfits 21

You can wear denim too with this outfit. Take out the shirt or t-shirt and keep everything else the same.

ice skating outfits 22

Street style ice skating outfit with black matching bag and white shoes. The scarf looks fantastic.

ice skating outfits 19

Lace up boots are already a classic. They give different interpretations to an outfit. Lace up boots with dresses are more a hipster-grunge mood; with skinny jeans turn to a combat-comfy style.

ice skating outfits 18

Above the knee pencil skirt with a jacket or sweater and white shoe for a distinct look.

ice skating outfits 17

Wow! Look at those shoes. It’s a perfect “I Don’t Care Less” style. Let your hair flow and make a statement.

ice skating outfits 16

Wear skater skirt with boots, makes it among the best ice skating outfits for girls. This look always works.

ice skating outfits 15

The girl in maroon dress with black tights for a more sexy look. Try black boots with this look. You can wear burgundy as well.

ice skating outfits 14

The yellow shirt of this outfit represents a primary color from the color wheel. Contrast with black leggings and high-heel shoes for the perfect outfit.

ice skating outfits 13

Ice skating outfit casual. Plain black leggings allow you to wear any kind or color of skirt. And we can’t forget about the shoes. Who doesn’t love these shoes?

ice skating outfits 12

The original classic side stripe skate shoe with an outfit for figure skating. This is sure to make you look trendy and smart.

ice skating outfits 11

We see brown hair lady wearing black long-sleeve top tucked in mini pale pink tulle skirt. In love with these rounded black sunglasses.

ice skating outfits 8

Should you fancy wearing the skater skirt with tights, here is a way to doll up in, from oversized jackets for company, to long flowing stoles falling on either side, you could use your imagination to doll up in the prettiest ways.

ice skating outfits 9

Forget jeans! Tuck your plaid shirt into a skater skirt and add tights for a gorgeous look.

ice skating outfits 10

School girl style over the knee socks outfit. You can never go wrong with baggy tops over tights or leggings.

ice skating outfits 7

An ensemble of color makes such ice skating outfits special. Wear your brightest shoe and finest jewelry.

ice skating outfits 6

Black skirt and black tights with black shoes and bag for all the right reasons.

ice skating outfits 5

Here is a foolproof ice skating outfit casual you want to be seen in. Wear this matching skirt and sweater. Contrast with your bottom wear.

ice skating outfits 4

Grunge fashion at its best. Wear your cherry-red boots with pride and match it with hair color. You can easily go all out with such ice skating outfits.

ice skating outfits 3

I always wonder what to wear with a leather skirt… this is perfect! A leather skirt and bold necklace make the head to toe black number stand out. Wear opaque black tights with ankle boots to get the effect of longer legs.

ice skating outfits 2

That’s a real cute outfit with glasses. This looks kind of vintage too.

ice skating outfits 1

There cannot be better ice skating outfits for girls, particularly for the outdoors. The pastel colours look good – try this pink coat and light pink turtleneck. You will love mixing this shade of pink with the light grey.