20 Outfits to Wear with a Clutch Purse

There’s always a clutch that would match with any event or activity you’re going to.

Whether it’s for evening wear, casual-daytime wear, casual cool or even for the office, you’ll definitely enjoy having to carry this stylish accessory with you anywhere.

Here are some outfits to wear with a clutch purse.

Denim with Patterned Clutch Purse


Putting together a denim on denim ensemble is basically an easy way to create a unique style. While it’s a little tricky, one tip you should always follow is to have two different shades of denim incorporated into an outfit. A clutch purse that would look great with an outfit like this is something bold and printed, like this leopard-print one.

Pastel dress


Pastel dresses are so cute but when you’re wearing all pastel, you’re going to think that your outfit can look a little boring. One way to spice up a pastel dress is by adding a multicolored clutch bag where you can store all your essentials.

Sheer top


When wearing a sheer top, choose a clutch purse that has beaded embellishments to get a boho vibe going on. Sheer tops are plain and an accessory like this one will give your getup a major style update.

Wrap around coat


For a casual, laid-back look, wear a wrap around coat similar to a cardigan for a simple, stylish outfit. A clutch purse that would look great with this outfit are large, rectangular ones.

Button-down shirt


Look professional in a button down and denim jeans by adding a leather or textured clutch purse in your outfit.

White dress


Some women prefer a clean, uniform look. Others would like to add a pop of color to that look. If you’re one of those women, opt for a bold-colored clutch purse.

Shirt dress


If you’re wearing a shirt dress or a really casual dress for the day, it’s best to choose a clutch purse that looks casual as well.



Many women use a clutch purse when paired with their poncho.

Maxi skirt


When wearing a simple maxi, choose a statement-making clutch purse to complete your otherwise plain ensemble.

Ripped jeans


When in doubt, choose any type of clutch purse to go with your favorite pair of ripped jeans.

Pencil skirt


A great attire to wear to the office consists of a polo blouse, pencil skirt and an envelope clutch purse that isn’t statement-making but is stylish enough to make you look fashionable.

Cardigan and denim jeans


Don’t be afraid of trying out different colors, prints and textures of clutch purses.

Fur coat


A fur coat with a petite clutch purse gives us regal vibes. It’s totally classy and chic and would look great in so many formal events.

White pants, striped shirt


You can try a monochromatic look – gray top, white pants, black and white clutch purse.

Subtle-print top


When wearing a printed top with tiny prints, choose a black clutch purse to give your outfit a nice touch.

Boho-inspired top, denim shorts


This getup would look great on weekends and other festivals that doesn’t require you to dress up. Make sure the fabric of your top is lightweight and there are fun prints. Go with a boho-inspired clutch purse also.

Orange blouse, denim jeans


When wearing a bright colored top, tone down the brightness with a neutral-colored accessory.

Off-the-shoulder dress


For plain, off-the-shoulder dress, choose a printed clutch purse to complete your look.

Yellow blazer with watch and bracelets


Don’t forget to add a watch and bracelets to your outfits to look trendy and stylish.

Neon dress


If you love bright neon, pair your neon dress with a neon clutch purse. You’ll definitely be the one people will turn their heads to.

How are you going to style your clutch purse?


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