11 Outfit Ideas for Asian Guys

If you look closely to how fashion in Asia works, you’ll see that they never settle to look their very best every single day for the rest of their lives. For them, it’s all about wanting to go out and representing yourself out to the world. While most of us would rather just put on a simple plain shirt and a pair of denim jeans, it’s one thing Asian guys would never do. When they go out, they must look their absolute finest self.

Asian guys tend to dress up in the trendiest and most stylish collection of menswear, from fashionable and functional tops and pants, shirts and sweaters, jackets and coats, to loafers and boots. They mix and match fun, trendy, smartness, elegance and chic.

outfit ideas for asian menAsian guys are masters of layering. The innermost layer is a plain denim shirt, topped with a flower shirt and a hound’s-tooth coat. To complete the look, add a pair of dark brown loafers or dress shoes and a black hat.

outfit ideas for asian men 2Wearing denim on denim only works when your jeans are a shade or two darker than your denim vest. Complete the look with a statement watch and a black leather satchel for a school boy look. Don’t forget to wear your favorite loafers and a hat to serve as accents.

outfit ideas for asian men 3Camouflage prints are loud enough yet very easy to style. To pull off camo, keep everything else pattern-free. You can wear it with grey, brown, black or dark green so that it’s still unified with the print.

outfit ideas for asian men 4When wearing a light-colored blazer, make sure to wear a dark-colored shirt. It gives you a more slimming effect. Wear a blazer with collar shirts to a club or a party. Asian guys will rather be overdressed than underdressed.

outfit ideas for asian men 5Pull off prints and pair them with neutrals. Remember that the cut of your jeans should work for your proportion and not for the fashion fad. You can also add a light mint-colored outerwear when going to the park or outdoor afternoon tea. Wearing a fedora hat will give emphasis to your entire look.

outfit ideas for asian men 6Denim shorts are the same as pants when the weather is dry. Instead of wearing your shorts really long, roll it up just like how you would the bottom of your jeans. Pair it with a colorful polo shirt and a statement white shirt with black Dr. Martens for a hip-looking outfit.

outfit ideas for asian men 7Wear a neutral oversized polo with fitting black skinny jeans. This is the male version of the female’s oversized shirts with black tights. Use your favorite brown boots and add subtle accessories.

outfit ideas for asian men 8Wear jeans in darker colors to your classic grey sweater. It will help you look taller. Add a vintage-looking jacket and brown oxford shoes to complete the stylish look. Give your outfit a twist, but make sure it looks good on you. In Asian guys’ “casual look”, there is no absence of style or creativity.

outfit ideas for asian men 9Go overboard with prints but make sure to combine loose prints with structured prints and blend small designs with larger-scale designs. The technique of wearing patterns is to compliment them without being too matchy. Don’t forget to wear the on-trend snapback and thick-framed glasses to achieve the Korean pop star look.

outfit ideas for asian men 10The subtle floral print on the tank top and white stripes and number 33 print on the shorts play off perfectly with the all-black outfit. They are very faint but give a nice contrast. Put a bandana on your head and cover it slightly with a snapback. This outfit is for the sporty—sporty and fashionable.

outfit ideas for asian men 11Wear a trendy shirt with an army leather jacket for a bad boy inspired look. Complete the entire outfit with black-tinted sunglasses and laced leather boots or black Vans. And if you want to be a cute bad boy, add a beret hat with Mickey Mouse ears.

Asian guys develop and promote their styles. They benefit and discover what looks good on them, and enhance their features. You must be accustomed to your own sense of style and body. It is all about taking risks and being bold.

Try out outfits you see in the magazine that you think is very extreme. You’ll never know, maybe it will look good on you. Step out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid of looking like a fool. That’s why Asia is one of the most fashionable continents. They are very open to different types of styling.