10 Cute and Adorable Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies

baby halloween costume 12Start looking for your baby’s costume this Halloween before it all runs out.

We found 10 sweet, endearing and oh-so-adorable costume that you and your baby might like as costumes for one of the most enjoying time of the year.


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All eyes will be on your little one when she wears this little monster costume for Halloween. It’s comfortable, with leg snaps for easy diaper change, and did we mention, super adorable?


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Transform your little boy into a garden gnome with this cute gnome costume, complete with hat, beard and slip-on boots.


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Maybe you would like your little ones to wear a roaring costume like this lion one? Feisty and fierce but your baby’s going to be the sweet little lion everyone’s going to love.


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Maybe a terrifying (yet charming) little shark?


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Your little one is going to get all the attention from all the candy-givers when they wear this cute tiger tot costume.


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How about a baby dinky dragon costume so that your baby will look absolutely charming?


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A baby monkey costume that’s simply irresistible – fuzzy-wuzzy monkey costume that’s complete with a tail, endearing headpiece and many more.


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This costume is one of the cutest costumes we have ever scouted. It’s an adorable little owl suit that will not only look cute on your baby, he will also be very comfortable in it.


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For babies with cute and bubbly chubby cheeks, this costume is for them. It’s simply a sweet pink piggy costume that’s super adorable and everyone will definitely comment on how cute your little one is.


baby halloween costume 10Purchase it here
Everyone loves tootsie roll. It’s such a timeless classic that it’s a pretty easy costume while looking creative and cute at the same time.